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I believe in the transformative power of getting things done (well).
suzanne.works · 112 days ago
[css-color-6] color-contrast() should distinguish foreground and background Β· Issue #7359 Β· w3c/csswg-drafts
github · 119 days ago
The 10 biggest trends designers need to know in 2022
editorx · 127 days ago
ShopTalk VS CSS Podcast (Frontend Feud!)
youtube · 138 days ago
GitHub - Minibrams/svg-path-morph: Smoothly interpolate between variations of SVG paths.
github · 153 days ago
[Cocoa] Support AVIF images for macOS Ventura and iOS 16 by shallawa Β· Pull Request #1717 Β· WebKit/WebKit
github · 157 days ago
Interop 2022 by Rachel Andrew
noti.st · 173 days ago
Intent to Ship: Container Queries
groups.google · 197 days ago
Intent to Ship : :has() pseudo class
groups.google · 197 days ago
Intent to Prototype: CSS Anchor Positioning
groups.google · 197 days ago
The Subtle Art of Being A Developer Advocate
dev.to · 239 days ago
GitHub - GoogleChromeLabs/container-query-polyfill: A polyfill for CSS Container Queries
github · 240 days ago
postcss-plugins/plugins/css-has-pseudo at main Β· csstools/postcss-plugins
github · 240 days ago
Chrome OS
chromeos.dev · 243 days ago
West to cut some Russian banks off from Swift
bbc.co.uk · 276 days ago
Discover and fix low contrast text with DevTools | DevTools Tips
youtube · 279 days ago
JavaScript: What is the meaning of this?
web.dev · 280 days ago
Cascade layers are coming to your browser - Chrome Developers
developer.chrome · 301 days ago
How does !important actually work? (It's not what you think!)
youtube · 305 days ago
Firefox 96.0, See All New Features, Updates and Fixes
mozilla · 309 days ago
What's New Since CSS3 in 2015? | CSS-Tricks
css-tricks · 313 days ago
Claymorphism in User Interfaces | Hype4Academy
hype4.academy · 316 days ago
clay.css - by Adrian Bece
codeadrian.github.io · 316 days ago
Cascade Layers
youtube · 319 days ago
A New Container Query Polyfill That Just Works | CSS-Tricks
css-tricks · 327 days ago
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