Patrick Collison
Is Old Music Killing New Music?
tedgioia.substack · 2 days ago
Skip the bank, avoid monthly fees, and get paid faster | Shopify Balance
shopify · 2 days ago
*Talent*, my new book with Daniel Gross - Marginal REVOLUTION
marginalrevolution · 2 days ago
Opinion | 1,760 Acres. That’s How Much More of Manhattan We Need.
nytimes · 7 days ago
The COVID generation: how is the pandemic affecting kids’ brains?
nature · 8 days ago
A Simple Plan to Solve All of America’s Problems
theatlantic · 9 days ago
This Scientist Created a Rapid Test Just Weeks Into the Pandemic. Here’s Why You Still Can’t Get It.
propublica · 26 days ago
Can a new approach to funding scientific research unlock innovation?
vox · 34 days ago
A Shot to Save the World: The Inside Story of the Life-or-Death Race for a COVID-19 Vaccine: Zuckerman, Gregory: 9780593420393: Books
amazon · 35 days ago
The state of European tech 2021: 21 things you should know · 45 days ago
Omicron Post #4
thezvi.substack · 46 days ago
Omicron Post #4
thezvi.wordpress · 46 days ago
Stripe Identity: Verify identities with confidence
stripe · 221 days ago
Ivermectin: Much More Than You Wanted To Know
astralcodexten.substack · 66 days ago
Search API
stripe · 70 days ago
Faster, Please!
fasterplease.substack · 75 days ago
Stripe Newsroom: Matt Huang joins Stripe’s board of directors
stripe · 77 days ago
Pfizer’s Novel COVID-19 Oral Antiviral Treatment Candidate Reduced Risk of Hospitalization or Death by 89% in Interim Analysis of Phase 2/3 EPIC-HR Study | Pfizer
pfizer · 77 days ago Apprentice to Genius: The Making of a Scientific Dynasty: 9780025606500: Kanigel, Robert: Books
amazon · 89 days ago
Stripe Newsroom: Stripe will acquire Recko to help internet businesses automate payments reconciliation
stripe · 93 days ago
Nomad List
nomadlist · 130 days ago
Can Nuclear Fusion Put the Brakes on Climate Change?
newyorker · 103 days ago
Slowed canonical progress in large fields of science
pnas · 107 days ago
Fears of a ‘Bottleneck Recession’: How Shortages Are Hurting Germany
nytimes · 107 days ago
Opinion | What’s the Least Bad Way to Cool the Planet?
nytimes · 109 days ago
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Sigmoids behaving badly: why they usually cannot predict the future as well as they seem to promise
arxiv · 112 days ago
Omnivore · 113 days ago
Microsoft’s million-tonne CO2-removal purchase — lessons for net zero
nature · 114 days ago
The “Returned Value Formula”
medium · 129 days ago
Beat Saber - Wikipedia
en.wikipedia · 131 days ago
Critical Attrition | The Editors
nplusonemag · 137 days ago
William Rainey Harper First President of the University of Chicago (Classic Reprint): Goodspeed, Thomas Wakefield: 9781528164306: Books
amazon · 146 days ago
One marginal Covid-19 and Fast Grants update - Marginal REVOLUTION
marginalrevolution · 158 days ago
Could This Be Our First Effective, Inexpensive, Widely Available Outpatient Treatment for COVID-19? - HIV and ID Observations
blogs.jwatch · 162 days ago
My Ordinary Life: Improvements Since the 1990s
gwern · 692 days ago
COVID ‘Fast Grants’ sped up pandemic science
nature · 171 days ago
Does X cause Y? An in-depth evidence review
cold-takes · 174 days ago
Shtetl-Optimized » Blog Archive » Steven Weinberg (1933-2021): a personal view
scottaaronson · 179 days ago
Opinion | There Has Never Been a Better Time to Have a Headache
nytimes · 180 days ago
Homelessness is about housing
slowboring · 186 days ago
Drawing pictures of cities
noahpinion.substack · 188 days ago
One by One, My Friends Were Sent to the Camps
theatlantic · 191 days ago
Stripe Atlas: the first five years and 20,000 startups
stripe · 204 days ago
Links & What I've Been Reading Q2 2021 | Fantastic Anachronism
fantasticanachronism · 204 days ago
GitHub Copilot · Your AI pair programmer
copilot.github · 206 days ago
interfluidity » Microcities
interfluidity · 209 days ago
The 5 coolest trends in urbanism ... in Europe · 209 days ago
Unicorn Market Cap, June 2021 (Almost Post-Pandemic Edition)
blog.eladgil · 214 days ago
Three myths about scientific peer review | Michael Nielsen
michaelnielsen · 218 days ago
Europe is now a corporate also-ran. Can it recover its footing?
economist · 224 days ago
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