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Report: The State of Container Security · StackRox: Container Security for Docker and Kubernetes
stackrox · 390 days ago
SAP Buys Qualtrics; 2018 Catapulted to $65B in $1B+ M&A Volume • Tomasz Tunguz
tomtunguz · 393 days ago
In a big year for open source, investors anoint HashiCorp as the next start-up to watch
cnbc · 404 days ago
Do You Lose Sales Opportunities Because of Sales Execution or Product Insufficiency? • Tomasz Tunguz
tomtunguz · 400 days ago
SaaS Freemium/Free Trial Survey is Here • Tomasz Tunguz
tomtunguz · 420 days ago
What Does AirBnB's 'Shares for Hosts' Idea Imply for Blockchain? • Tomasz Tunguz
tomtunguz · 432 days ago
In Early Markets, Services Can Be a Competitive Advantage • Tomasz Tunguz
tomtunguz · 435 days ago
Our Investment in Gremlin - Leveraging Chaos to Create Resilient Systems • Tomasz Tunguz
tomtunguz · 438 days ago
TensorFlow 101 Workshop, Oct 6th in SF
unboxresearch · 439 days ago
Three Observations About the Adobe/Marketo Acquisition • Tomasz Tunguz
tomtunguz · 442 days ago
Elastic S-1 Analysis - Another Open Source Monster • Tomasz Tunguz
tomtunguz · 455 days ago
Access is the Scarcest Commodity in Startupland • Tomasz Tunguz
tomtunguz · 462 days ago
How SaaS Companies are Valued • Tomasz Tunguz
tomtunguz · 466 days ago
1% of Salesforce's Revenue Makes a Unicorn • Tomasz Tunguz
tomtunguz · 470 days ago
Why Fast Learning Curves are So Important to Startups • Tomasz Tunguz
tomtunguz · 477 days ago
How Long Should Your SaaS Software Trial Period Be? • Tomasz Tunguz
tomtunguz · 484 days ago
Dremio raises $30 million from Cisco Investments and others to streamline data management
venturebeat · 497 days ago
Are We Investing Enough in Our Managers? • Tomasz Tunguz
tomtunguz · 498 days ago
Jacob's Ladder in the Startup Fundraising Market - How Startups Today Skip a Round of Fundraising • Tomasz Tunguz
tomtunguz · 505 days ago
Why Your Startup Doesn't Invest Sufficiently in its Differentiators • Tomasz Tunguz
tomtunguz · 508 days ago
The Startup Founder's Almanac • Tomasz Tunguz
tomtunguz · 509 days ago
Timing Cashflows of Your Sales Commissions and Your Customers • Tomasz Tunguz
tomtunguz · 512 days ago High Growth Handbook eBook: Elad Gil: Kindle Store
amazon · 518 days ago
Lessons Learned from 20 Years at the Leading Edge of SaaS • Tomasz Tunguz
tomtunguz · 518 days ago
Does Winner Take Most in SaaS? • Tomasz Tunguz
tomtunguz · 519 days ago
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Hiring for Bookings Capacity in Sales • Tomasz Tunguz
tomtunguz · 519 days ago
A Deeper Dive into the Dynamics of the Seed Market
tomtunguz · 530 days ago
IBM+Looker: Build a New Path to Data-driven Success
looker · 531 days ago
Why Series As are Much Easier to Raise in 2018 than the Past 5 Years
tomtunguz · 533 days ago
What I'm Grateful For
tomtunguz · 536 days ago
Redpoint 7 – Redpoint Ventures – Medium
medium · 539 days ago
The Three Layers of Management
tomtunguz · 540 days ago
Kustomer gets $26M to take on Zendesk with an omnichannel approach to customer support
techcrunch · 543 days ago
Our Investment in Kustomer
tomtunguz · 543 days ago
The Blockbuster Software M&A Market of 2018
tomtunguz · 546 days ago
The Part They Don’t Tell You About Startup Team Building
tomtunguz · 547 days ago
Seven Strategic Rationales for the Microsoft/Github Acquisition
tomtunguz · 547 days ago
The Typical Billion Dollar Startup Acquisition
tomtunguz · 547 days ago
What's the Maximum Rate of Growth for Your SaaS Startup with Paid Customer Acquisition?
tomtunguz · 550 days ago
When You Hire an Executive, You're Hiring a Network
tomtunguz · 551 days ago
The 5 Forces Driving Startup Valuations Today
tomtunguz · 552 days ago
The Most Important Book You'll Read All Year
tomtunguz · 560 days ago
When Will the Next Wave of UI Advances Happen?
tomtunguz · 568 days ago
An Ode to the OKR - How to Motivate Greater Ambition in Teams
tomtunguz · 580 days ago
Serena the Great
dremio · 581 days ago
A Startup’s Two Financial Plans: the Board Plan and the Stretch Plan
tomtunguz · 581 days ago
The Characteristics of the Most Successful Teams
tomtunguz · 582 days ago
The Power of a Coach
tomtunguz · 582 days ago
A Crypto-Trading Uber Driver and a Billionaire's Spat over Candy - On The Importance of Sticking to Your Strategy
tomtunguz · 582 days ago
The Challenge of Uncertainty
tomtunguz · 585 days ago
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