Tomasz Tunguz
The Implication of Secular Increases in SaaS CAC
tomtunguz · 769 days ago
Our investment in AppZen - Redpoint Ventures
redpoint · 769 days ago
Modesty, First Principles and Opportunities for Startups
tomtunguz · 770 days ago
Startup Best Practices 24 - Marketing Your Product with Novel Framing to Maximize Sales Success
tomtunguz · 770 days ago
The Challenges SaaS Businesses Face Communicating their Financial Health
tomtunguz · 771 days ago
Take Your Startup to the Limit
tomtunguz · 771 days ago
Not All Revenue Dollars Are Created Equal
tomtunguz · 771 days ago
Important Changes in Revenue and Profitability Definitions for SaaS Companies
tomtunguz · 771 days ago
Which is a More Efficient Way to Build a SaaS Startup - Bottoms Up or Top Down?
tomtunguz · 777 days ago
The Rising Stakes in SaaS
tomtunguz · 778 days ago
Startup Best Practices 25 - Bounding the Unknown Unknowns
tomtunguz · 785 days ago
How to Decide With Speed and Conviction
tomtunguz · 785 days ago
Startup Best Practices 13 - Patience with Unit Economics
tomtunguz · 787 days ago
Why Managing For Progress is So Important
tomtunguz · 788 days ago
The 9 Marketing Disciplines of Great SaaS Companies
tomtunguz · 788 days ago
Four Important Data Points about Purchasing Behavior in SaaS
tomtunguz · 789 days ago
Challenging Your Customers During Your SaaS Startup's Sales Process
tomtunguz · 790 days ago
The 5 Key People in a SaaS Sales Process
tomtunguz · 790 days ago
When Do SaaS Startups Hire Their First VP of Sales
tomtunguz · 791 days ago
How Faster Sales Cycles Become a Competitive Advantage
tomtunguz · 791 days ago
The Smallest ACV to Justify an Inside Sales Team at a SaaS Startup
tomtunguz · 792 days ago
Monte Carlo Simulations of Inside and Outside Sales Teams in a SaaS Startup
tomtunguz · 792 days ago
Seizing the User's Point of Maximum Intent
tomtunguz · 798 days ago
When Machine Learning Just Isn't Enough
tomtunguz · 798 days ago
The Indicators of True, Strong Customer Demand for a SaaS Product
tomtunguz · 799 days ago
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Shopify S-1 Analysis - Smiling All the Way to $10B
tomtunguz · 799 days ago
The Strategic Shift in Revenue for SaaS Startups as They Scale
tomtunguz · 805 days ago
Dremio Wins Best Big Data Startup in Second Annual Datanami Readers’ and Editors’ Choice Awards
globenewswire · 806 days ago
The Craft of Management
tomtunguz · 806 days ago
Decision-Making Auditing
tomtunguz · 806 days ago
What Quota Attainment Reveals About Your SaaS Startup's Go to Market
tomtunguz · 810 days ago
Startup Best Practices 18 - Collaborating with Your Customer During Your Sales Process
tomtunguz · 811 days ago
Blissfully - Product Hunt
producthunt · 812 days ago
What Your Startup’s MRR Figure Is Hiding
tomtunguz · 812 days ago
Thoughts on Looker JOIN 2017 and the Looker Product Roadmap
medium · 813 days ago
How Much Should A SaaS Startup Invest in Sales & Marketing?
tomtunguz · 813 days ago
How to Combat Inaccurate Data and Faulty Statistics When Making Decisions
tomtunguz · 815 days ago
The 3 Competitive Defenses of Enduring SaaS Companies
tomtunguz · 816 days ago
Looker and Databricks Partner to Bring Data Scientists and Business Users Together - The Databricks Blog
databricks · 817 days ago
Looker’s latest looks to simplify data integrations
techcrunch · 817 days ago
Adoption Chain Risk - The Importance of Selling to Everyone in Your Startup's Supply Chain
tomtunguz · 896 days ago
The 3 Ways Culture Enables Startups to Scale
tomtunguz · 817 days ago
Ownership - A Defining Trait of a Leader
tomtunguz · 818 days ago
Disruptive Innovation in SaaS by Competing with Non-Consumption
tomtunguz · 819 days ago
A Tale of Two Go To Market Strategies
tomtunguz · 820 days ago
When to Increase Your SaaS Startup's Burn
tomtunguz · 820 days ago
Should You Consider Emotional Intelligence When Hiring Your Startup's Team?
tomtunguz · 820 days ago
How the Changes in UX Assumptions Create Opportunities for Startups
tomtunguz · 822 days ago
Gigabytes under management
tomtunguz · 822 days ago
Lessons from Interviews of Pre-Eminent VCs in 2000
tomtunguz · 823 days ago
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