John Battelle
WeChat Ban Blocked by Federal Judge in Ruling Against Trump Administration
wsj · 1168 days ago
A Change Is Gonna Come
open.spotify · 1168 days ago
Facebook Tried to Limit QAnon. It Failed.
nytimes · 1169 days ago
Former Bush Campaign Lawyer Talks 2000 vs. 2020
therecount · 1170 days ago
Trump Health Aide Falsely Alleges Conspiracies and Warns of Armed Revolt
nytimes · 1173 days ago
Court-appointed adviser blasts 'corrupt' DOJ move to drop Flynn case
politico · 1175 days ago
Stunning Allegations From Homeland Security Whistleblower
therecount · 1175 days ago
Whistleblower Alleges DHS Head Tried to Alter Intelligence to Fit Trump Rhetoric
nymag · 1175 days ago
Trump officials interfered with CDC reports on Covid-19
politico · 1175 days ago
From 2018: Trump’s Nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize Was Apparently Forged. Twice.
nytimes · 1175 days ago
Dispatch #12 | Treat the Patient, not the Symptoms · 1194 days ago
New York Attorney General Investigating Trump Organization, President Trump’s Assets
wsj · 1194 days ago
How Zeynep Tufekci Keeps Getting the Big Things Right
nytimes · 1195 days ago
Facebook Said To Delete Strike Warnings For Conservative Platforms That Post Misinformation
forbes · 1211 days ago
McDonald’s to Require Face Masks in U.S. Restaurants
wsj · 1225 days ago
Zuckerberg Tells Facebook Staff He Expects Advertisers to Return ‘Soon Enough’
theinformation · 1248 days ago
American Exceptionalism on the Virus
nytimes · 1250 days ago
What comes after Zoom? — Benedict Evans
ben-evans · 1257 days ago
What’s Facebook’s Deal With Donald Trump?
nytimes · 1258 days ago
Twitter labels Trump video tweet as manipulated media, continuing its crackdown on misinformation
washingtonpost · 1261 days ago
Facebook takes down Trump ads 'for violating our policy against organized hate'
cnn · 1261 days ago
Twitter starts rolling out audio tweets on iOS
theverge · 1262 days ago
John Bolton: The Scandal of Trump’s China Policy
wsj · 1262 days ago
Real-Time Recount - AVC
avc · 1262 days ago
MLB Commissioner Says Season Could Be Called Off
wsj · 1264 days ago
Get in touch with us on Twitter
jffhorizons · 1269 days ago
nytimes · 1276 days ago
Vaccine Race: Novavax Enters Human Trials
therecount · 1284 days ago
We Are All Livestreamers Now, and Zoom Is Our Stage
wired · 1287 days ago
The Recount
therecount · 1299 days ago
The Recount
therecount · 1300 days ago
Opinion | Don’t Be Fooled by America’s Flattening Curve
nytimes · 1304 days ago
This Rock Band Filmed Their Music Video Over Zoom, And It's Mind-Blowingly Creative - Digg
digg · 1310 days ago
John Battelle's Search Blog Zoom Is YouTube, Instagram, and WhatsApp – All in Two Months.
battellemedia · 1311 days ago
The Recount
therecount · 1319 days ago
A Theory of Zoom Fatigue
theconvivialsociety.substack · 1320 days ago
The Recount
therecount · 1323 days ago
Talking Heads - Crosseyed and Painless LIVE (Stop Making Sense)
youtube · 1324 days ago
The Recount
therecount · 1327 days ago
California, Oregon & Washington Announce Western States Pact | California Governor · 1327 days ago
TV advertisers rethink aversion to news shows as they adapt their ad messages - Digiday
digiday · 1327 days ago
The Recount
therecount · 1334 days ago
Dispatch # 6 | What’s around the bend? Science, I hope. · 1338 days ago
The Recount
therecount · 1341 days ago
The Oracle (The Matrix) - Wikipedia
en.wikipedia · 1347 days ago
Has the Coronavirus Killed the Techlash?
wired · 1351 days ago
The Recount
therecount · 1359 days ago
The Recount raises $13 million in Series A round
axios · 1361 days ago
Facebook Removes Trump Campaign Ads, Citing Census Interference Policy
wsj · 1366 days ago
Before Clearview Became a Police Tool, It Was a Secret Plaything of the Rich
nytimes · 1366 days ago
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