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Zadie Smith on fighting the algorithm: ‘If you are under 30, and you are able to think for yourself right now, God bless you’ | The Star
thestar · 23 hours ago
Exclusive: After White House meeting, Parnas said he was on a 'secret mission' for Trump in Ukraine
cnn · 2 days ago
The Recount (@therecount) • Instagram photos and videos
instagram · 3 days ago
Montgomery Bus Boycott
therecount · 4 days ago
WeWork vs Webvan — 20 Years Later History doesn’t repeat itself, but it certainly does rhyme
medium · 7 days ago
Powerful Coalition Pushes Back on Anti-Tech Fervor
nytimes · 10 days ago
An Open Letter to Facebook: Don’t do it at all, if you can’t do it right
medium · 12 days ago
Opinion | Don’t abolish political ads on social media. Stop microtargeting.
washingtonpost · 14 days ago
Newsletter on The Recount's site
therecount · 17 days ago
Connecting the Dot Dot Dots \ Dems Call Bolton To Testify \ Obama Hits “Woke” Left \ From Convict to Congress?
therecount · 18 days ago
Facebook Earnings Overpower Critics for Now
wsj · 18 days ago
Twitter to Ban Political Ads
wsj · 18 days ago
‎The Recount · 20 days ago
Cuban Missile Crisis
therecount · 25 days ago
Cicilline Makes Case for Closed-Door Testimonies
therecount · 27 days ago
Quid Pro Whoa \ The Turkey Ceasefire That Isn't \ Rep. Elijah Cummings (1951-2019) \ Cummings's First Floor Speech
therecount · 31 days ago
Opinion | Our Republic Is Under Attack From the President
nytimes · 31 days ago
Trump's Syria Meltdown \ The Three Amigos \ Big Day After Dem Debate \ Trump's Italian Translator
therecount · 32 days ago
John Battelle's Search Blog Tik Tok, Tick Tock…Boom.
battellemedia · 34 days ago
Opinion | Dealing With China Isn’t Worth the Moral Cost
nytimes · 34 days ago
Elizabeth Warren targets Facebook's ad policy -- with a Facebook ad
cnn · 37 days ago
Constitutional Clash \ Turkey Attacks U.S. Ally \ Warren's Frontrunner Scrutiny
therecount · 38 days ago
Ginger Baker, Superstar Rock Drummer With Cream, Is Dead at 80
nytimes · 43 days ago
Frustrated with news coverage, Trump suggests launching own network
cnn · 45 days ago
Tuesday, October 1st, 2019
therecount · 47 days ago
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Sarah Palin vs. Katie Couric
therecount · 54 days ago
Massive "I Love America" Facebook page, pushing pro-Trump propaganda, is run by Ukrainians · 55 days ago
Breaking Up Big Tech – AVC
avc · 57 days ago
Kamala’s Retreat From the Top Tier
therecount · 58 days ago
Youth Climate Activist Greta Thunberg Speaks at House Climate Hearing
therecount · 60 days ago
The Daily Recount: September 16, 2019
youtube · 62 days ago
145 Business Leaders Call on Congress to Act on Gun Violence
nytimes · 67 days ago
California Passes Landmark Bill to Remake Gig Economy
nytimes · 68 days ago
50 U.S. states and territories announce broad antitrust investigation of Google
washingtonpost · 69 days ago
RECAP 2020: The Climate Change Conundrum
youtube · 72 days ago
President Obama’s Tan Suit
therecount · 81 days ago
Perspective | The spy in your wallet: Credit cards have a privacy problem
washingtonpost · 84 days ago
The Adults In The Room
theconcourse.deadspin · 86 days ago
How YouTube Radicalized Brazil
nytimes · 98 days ago
John Battelle's Search Blog Introducing Recount Media
battellemedia · 111 days ago
Ad Tool Facebook Built to Fight Disinformation Doesn’t Work as Advertised
nytimes · 115 days ago
Justice Department Opens Antitrust Review of Big Tech Companies
nytimes · 117 days ago
John Battelle's Search Blog Halfway Through: How Are My Predictions 2019 Shaping Up?
battellemedia · 120 days ago
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's exchange with Facebook's crypto boss exposed a big problem about who actually controls the Libra currency
businessinsider · 123 days ago
U.S. Soccer Sponsor Enters Equal Pay Fight on Women’s Side
nytimes · 126 days ago
F.T.C. Approves Facebook Fine of About $5 Billion
nytimes · 128 days ago
Where John Roberts Is Taking the Court
theatlantic · 133 days ago
House lawmakers officially ask Facebook to put Libra cryptocurrency project on hold
theverge · 138 days ago
Researchers teleport information within a diamond
eurekalert · 142 days ago
Wayfair Should Have Seen This Coming
theatlantic · 145 days ago
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