John Battelle
Leaked Audio From 80 Internal TikTok Meetings Shows That US User Data Has Been Repeatedly Accessed From China
buzzfeednews · 472 days ago
WSJ News Exclusive | Meta Scrutinizing Sheryl Sandberg’s Use of Facebook Resources Over Several Years
wsj · 480 days ago
Elon Musk Threatens to End Deal With Twitter
wsj · 484 days ago
🌄 MetaFilter’s rule-laden mini-utopia
newpublic.substack · 505 days ago
Drivers rush to stop runaway car: ‘Strangers working together’
washingtonpost · 508 days ago
TheRecount - Twitch · 523 days ago
Why the Past 10 Years of American Life Have Been Uniquely Stupid
theatlantic · 538 days ago
Scaling The Ethereum Ecosystem - AVC
avc · 547 days ago
Opinion | Why We Can’t Quit the Guitar Solo
nytimes · 548 days ago
This Is Not a Picture of Nicole Kidman Reacting to the Slap
vulture · 553 days ago
The Recount
youtube · 560 days ago
Pink Floyd and David Gilmour Removing Music From Digital Platforms in Russia and Belarus
pitchfork · 570 days ago
Braintrust: Fighting Capitalism with Capitalism · 610 days ago
Volume 4, Issue 1: Tom Pagnozzi
williamfleitch.substack · 612 days ago
NBCUniversal strikes Olympics deal with TikTok allowing brands to test new ad formats on the platform
adage · 616 days ago
Senate Panel Approves Antitrust Bill Restricting Big Tech Platforms
wsj · 620 days ago
The Web3 Debate · 623 days ago
Web .0000012 — BuzzMachine
buzzmachine · 632 days ago
My first impressions of web3
moxie · 633 days ago
Twitter Permanently Suspends One of Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Accounts
wsj · 639 days ago
What Is Going To Happen In 2022 - AVC
avc · 639 days ago
The Future is in Interoperability Not Big Tech: 2021 in Review
doctorow.medium · 647 days ago
The Year of Cancel Culture
therecount · 648 days ago
Joan Didion, ‘New Journalist’ Who Explored Culture and Chaos, Dies at 87
nytimes · 649 days ago
Solana Labs Distances Itself From Melania Trump’s NFT Project - Decrypt · 656 days ago
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Opinion | Postcards From a World on Fire
nytimes · 656 days ago
Omicron (70x), Winter Waves and Real Hope | Dispatch #20 · 656 days ago
Instagram will bring back a chronological feed in 2022 | Engadget
engadget · 663 days ago
The Case Against Crypto | Pervasive Media Studio · 663 days ago
Supply bottlenecks are easing – The Daily Shot
thedailyshot · 665 days ago
Walmart will no longer sell toy cactus that raps about cocaine in Polish
avclub · 668 days ago
Salesforce promotes Bret Taylor to co-CEO alongside Benioff
cnbc · 671 days ago
Idea Legos · 680 days ago
Let's Buy the US Constitution · 687 days ago
Hey, Facebook, I Made a Metaverse 27 Years Ago
theatlantic · 703 days ago
Facebook’s new name will be Meta
theverge · 704 days ago
Welcome to The Microdose
themicrodose.substack · 705 days ago
Giant, free index to world's research papers released online
nature · 706 days ago
The case against Mark Zuckerberg: Insiders say Facebook’s CEO chose growth over safety
washingtonpost · 707 days ago
Internal Alarm, Public Shrugs: Facebook’s Employees Dissect Its Election Role
nytimes · 710 days ago
Super Smart TVs Offer More, Redefine What Connected TV Can Do
mediapost · 716 days ago
Facebook bans developer behind Unfollow Everything tool
theverge · 723 days ago
Log into Facebook | Facebook
facebook · 2401 days ago
Facebook asks court to dismiss FTC antitrust complaint
apnews · 728 days ago
The NFT scammers are here
theverge · 729 days ago
Facebook’s Effort to Attract Preteens Goes Beyond Instagram Kids, Documents Show
wsj · 734 days ago
Goldman Sachs, Ozy Media and a $40 Million Conference Call Gone Wrong
nytimes · 736 days ago
China Declares Cryptocurrency Transactions Illegal, Bitcoin Price Lower
wsj · 739 days ago
Facebook Knows Instagram Is Toxic for Teen Girls, Company Documents Show
wsj · 749 days ago
Facebook Says Its Rules Apply to All. Company Documents Reveal a Secret Elite That’s Exempt.
wsj · 750 days ago
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