Geoff Ralston
How YC will be funding the S20 batch
dalton.substack · 1 day ago
Asking questions
aaronkharris · 3 days ago
COVID-19 Global Hackathon 1.0
covid-global-hackathon.devpost · 7 days ago
Responding to COVID-19
blog.ycombinator · 8 days ago
YC Winter 2020 Batch Stats
blog.ycombinator · 17 days ago
David Frum: Reflections on the Revolution in America · 32 days ago
San Francisco Hub for Business Innovation | INSEAD · 34 days ago
YC’s Series A Guide
blog.ycombinator · 36 days ago
Nebia by Moen: Our Most Advanced Shower Yet
kickstarter · 70 days ago
How To Invest In Startups
blog.samaltman · 80 days ago
Having Kids
paulgraham · 110 days ago
ZeroDown, valued at $150M, plans to take on Zillow – TechCrunch
techcrunch · 169 days ago
paulgraham · 173 days ago
145 Business Leaders Call on Congress to Act on Gun Violence
nytimes · 203 days ago
Triplebyte raises $35M for its online coding test and credentialing service for hiring engineers
techcrunch · 357 days ago
Opinion | How Silicon Valley Puts the ‘Con’ in Consent
nytimes · 423 days ago
Dreaming of Mars, the startup Relativity Space gets its first launch site on Earth
techcrunch · 440 days ago
How This All Happened
collaborativefund · 504 days ago
Angelcalc and Y Combinator's New Deal
blog.ycombinator · 528 days ago
Daily Cartoon: Saturday, October 6th
newyorker · 543 days ago
I Know Brett Kavanaugh, but I Wouldn’t Confirm Him
theatlantic · 547 days ago
YC China + Qi Lu
blog.ycombinator · 596 days ago
How a TV Sitcom Triggered the Downfall of Western Civilization
medium · 597 days ago
Announcing Startup School 2018
blog.ycombinator · 624 days ago
Stormy Daniels releases new perfume called 'Truth'
thehill · 664 days ago
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US Digital Currency
blog.samaltman · 693 days ago
The Battery Will Kill Fossil Fuels—It’s Only a Matter of Time
dewaynenet.wordpress · 754 days ago
paulgraham · 769 days ago
Opinion | Whatever Trump Is Hiding Is Hurting All of Us Now
nytimes · 773 days ago
Boycott the Republican Party
theatlantic · 781 days ago
Collins: WH decision to not implement Russian sanctions ‘perplexing’
thehill · 793 days ago
Donald Trump Didn’t Want to Win – and Neither Did His Campaign
nymag · 819 days ago
Pro-Truth Pledge
protruthpledge · 855 days ago
Senate plans disastrous tax on vesting that could kill stock compensation
techcrunch · 871 days ago
Hero K12 Platform Launches with SchoolMint Acquisition
schoolmint · 884 days ago
These Giant Printers Are Meant to Make Rockets
bloomberg · 897 days ago
Secretary Zinke, it's time to call it quits
cnn · 901 days ago
The Hidden Forces Behind Toutiao: China's Content King
blog.ycombinator · 903 days ago
‘No Way To Prevent This,’ Says Only Nation Where This Regularly Happens
theonion · 913 days ago
Meal kit startup Gobble has raised $15 million in Series B financing from Khosla
techcrunch · 909 days ago
Anti-abortion Rep. Tim Murphy resigns after report he asked lover to end pregnancy
abcnews.go · 909 days ago
Breaking2 | Documentary Special
youtube · 916 days ago
Three Paths in the Tech Industry: Founder, Executive, or Employee
blog.ycombinator · 916 days ago
YC’s Essential Startup Advice
blog.ycombinator · 920 days ago
Request for Education Startups
blog.ycombinator · 925 days ago
The Strange Brain of the World’s Greatest Solo Climber - Issue 39: Sport - Nautilus · 932 days ago
Alex Honnold El Capitan Free Solo: First Footage of Most Dangerous Climb Ever without a Rope
youtube · 932 days ago
Mexico Earthquake, Strongest in a Century, Kills Dozens
nytimes · 936 days ago
Trump’s Immigration Plan Is Obamacare Repeal All Over
nymag · 939 days ago
‘One Belt and One Road’: Connecting China and the world
mckinsey · 941 days ago
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