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Is San Francisco more like Paris, or New York? (Guest: Sam Lessin, Serial Entrepreneur) | This is Your Life in Silicon Valley
thisisyourlifeinsiliconvalley · 16 hours ago
Robocorp announces $5.6M seed to bring open source option to RPA – TechCrunch
techcrunch · 14 days ago
Free Speech and Democracy in the Age of Micro-Targeting
theinformation · 15 days ago
DOJ Boss Joins UK, Australian Gov't In Asking Facebook To Ditch Its End-To-End Encryption Plan
techdirt · 44 days ago
From Your Mouth to Your Screen, Transcribing Takes the Next Step
nytimes · 47 days ago
The Fantasy of Opting Out · 52 days ago
Greta Thunberg, 15 Kids Sue Five Countries In Groundbreaking Climate Lawsuit
earther.gizmodo · 56 days ago
WeWork Board to Meet Monday on Neumann’s Removal
theinformation · 56 days ago
Bitcoin Rap Battle Debate: Hamilton vs. Satoshi (BITCOIN GIVEAWAY) [feat. EpicLloyd, TimDeLaGhetto]
youtube · 74 days ago
American Factory | Netflix Official Site
netflix · 79 days ago
Why data ownership is the wrong approach to protecting privacy · 128 days ago
The Instagram of Sisyphus
newyorker · 150 days ago
Speech is Free, Distribution is Not // Revisiting the Attention Tax · 153 days ago
Four Futures: Life After Capitalism
medium · 167 days ago
Updates to the App Store Review Guidelines - News - Apple Developer · 167 days ago
Friend portability is the must-have Facebook regulation – TechCrunch
techcrunch · 189 days ago
America still has a heartland, it’s just an artificial one – Venkatesh Rao | Aeon Essays · 194 days ago
Remote Work and the Politics of Decentralization
theinformation · 196 days ago
Jessica Lessin thinks The Information could spend more on journalism than The New York Times or Wall Street Journal some day
businessinsider · 214 days ago
The Cost and Risk of Regulations That Make Information ‘Own-able’
theinformation · 244 days ago
Why You Need to Invest in Analytics Before You Invest in RPA
youtube · 263 days ago
Napkin Modeling the US Govt · 283 days ago
How to Introduce a Wealth Tax
theinformation · 287 days ago
The Mother of All Demos, presented by Douglas Engelbart (1968)
youtube · 343 days ago
Highest-Paid YouTube Stars 2018: Markiplier, Jake Paul, PewDiePie And More
forbes · 349 days ago
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Samuel W. Lessin
facebook · 359 days ago
Is Uber Cash a Crypto Play?
theinformation · 371 days ago
Scientists and Silicon Valley to Mingle at Breakthrough Prizes
theinformation · 382 days ago
thestreet · 383 days ago
Behind Some Low Amazon Prices: Stolen Goods
theinformation · 467 days ago
A Deep Look at How I Work and Use Fin
fin · 489 days ago
Winston Ibrahim Testimonial
youtube · 490 days ago
Fliteboard efoil introduction
youtube · 492 days ago
This App Is Basically the Ultimate Productivity Tool
gearpatrol · 503 days ago
Hello From Celo – Celo – Medium
medium · 514 days ago
Live Call Answering - Forward Your Phone to Fin
fin · 516 days ago
When High-Tech Cars Crash, Software Clues Are Elusive
theinformation · 529 days ago
The Information - Product Hunt
producthunt · 531 days ago
HomePod — Welcome Home by Spike Jonze — Apple
youtube · 622 days ago
Fin's Perspective on Google Duplex
fin · 538 days ago
Instagram Is the Real Virtual Reality, Not Oculus
theinformation · 539 days ago
I Need To Meet Richard Dreyfuss
open.spotify · 543 days ago
Jonah Goldberg on The Suicide of the West | EconTalk | Library of Economics and Liberty
econtalk · 547 days ago
IBM Blockchain: The Blockchain Built for Smarter Business
youtube · 547 days ago
Venmo Trust and The Blockchain
theinformation · 559 days ago
Try Fin - Plan the perfect Mother's Day
fin · 560 days ago
Interview: The Zuckerberg News Doctrine
theinformation · 565 days ago
My Next 300 Minutes Using Hybrid Intelligence
fin · 572 days ago
Controlling International Trade with a 'Crypto Customs' Bureau // The End of National Labor Politics · 585 days ago
The Webby Awards People's Voice needs YOU
vote.webbyawards · 958 days ago
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