Can Capitalist Democracy Survive? | by William H. Janeway
project-syndicate · 973 days ago
Balancing Makers and Takers to scale and sustain Open Source
dri.es · 977 days ago
New research: The U.S. economy will need more immigrants soon
finance.yahoo · 979 days ago
Warren and Trump Speeches Attack Corruption, but Two Different Kinds
nytimes · 979 days ago
Episode 46: Interview with Tim O’Reilly, Founder and CEO of O'Reilly Media
knowyourteam · 984 days ago
Can Elizabeth Warren turn a supposed weakness into a strength?
salon · 989 days ago
Why white evangelicals should panic - The Washington Post
washingtonpost · 997 days ago
What's in my bag? — Tim O'Reilly
getrevue.co · 997 days ago
Cook County State’s Attorney Kimberly Foxx and Code for America Announce Historic Partnership to Automatically Clear Convictions - Code for America
codeforamerica · 1000 days ago
Amazon fires: How bad have they got?
bbc · 1004 days ago
The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and DonorsChoose.org Supporters Break Records for Classrooms
donorschoose · 1009 days ago
Washington Post
washingtonpost · 1013 days ago
No President Is Above the Law
medium · 1016 days ago
Opinion | Trump’s Trade Quagmire (Wonkish)
nytimes · 1023 days ago
One simple graphic: Researchers love PyTorch and TensorFlow
oreilly · 1027 days ago
Sterling: "I'll believe in settling Mars when I see people settling the Gobi Desert"
boingboing · 1027 days ago
Episode 45: Leonard Susskind on Quantum Information, Quantum Gravity, and Holography – Sean Carroll
preposterousuniverse · 1027 days ago
We might never achieve general AIs — but it's important that we try
bdtechtalks · 1028 days ago
Mitch McConnell is a Russian asset - The Washington Post
washingtonpost · 1031 days ago
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facebook · 1036 days ago
Warren warns of ‘coming economic crash’
politico · 1036 days ago
The Generative Deep Learning Book — The Parrot Has Landed.
medium · 1037 days ago
Sky Views: Algorithmic austerity can't be ended by money
news.sky · 1040 days ago
Antitrust regulators are using the wrong tools to break up Big Tech
qz · 1040 days ago
Wildbook: Software to Combat Extinction
wildbook · 1045 days ago
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The only chart we should be looking at
blog.datawrapper.de · 1053 days ago
Where We See Shapes, AI Sees Textures | Quanta Magazine
quantamagazine · 1057 days ago
Opinion | How Wrestling Explains Alex Jones and Donald Trump
nytimes · 1853 days ago
Fastly: Proof That Software Is Eating the World -- The Motley Fool
fool · 1073 days ago
Elizabeth Warren isn’t Hillary Clinton
vox · 1074 days ago
How the Warriors Survived Game 5 of the N.B.A. Finals
nytimes · 1077 days ago
Introducing the 2019 Civic Digital Fellows
blog.codingitforward · 1078 days ago
GovOps DMV Strike Team | GovOps
govops.ca.gov · 1083 days ago
My Green Manufacturing Plan for America
medium · 1083 days ago
On Edge | Edge.org
tinyw.in · 1084 days ago
Reid Hoffman: ‘You Can’t Just Sit on the Sidelines’
nytimes · 1088 days ago
What if all government services were this good? - Code for America
codeforamerica · 1089 days ago
Making Government Work: The Next Ten Years (and some news)
medium · 1096 days ago
Opinion | America’s Cities Are Unlivable. Blame Wealthy Liberals.
nytimes · 1096 days ago
In the era of Trump and apocalyptic change, Hopepunk is weaponizing optimism
vox · 1217 days ago
Opinion | Why Do We Let Political Parties Act Like Monopolies?
nytimes · 1099 days ago
What burnout feels like, and what's fueling it - The Commons
wearecommons.us · 1102 days ago
Executive Briefing: Why managing machines is harder than you think
slideshare · 1103 days ago
Opinion | The Fight Over How Trump Fits in With the Other 44 Presidents
nytimes · 1104 days ago
Start-Ups Hoping to Fight Climate Change Struggle as Other Tech Firms Cash In
nytimes · 1111 days ago
Humble Book Bundle: Python by O'Reilly
humblebundle · 1113 days ago
Why Are Investors Eager to Lose Money on Health Tech?
medium · 1114 days ago
Google’s SpecAugment achieves state-of-the-art speech recognition without a language model
venturebeat · 1126 days ago
I Was a Trump Transition Staffer, and I’ve Seen Enough. It’s Time for Impeachment.
theatlantic · 1126 days ago
Opinion | The Great Republican Abdication
nytimes · 1126 days ago
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