Where I Am Supposed to Be – Christopher Cashdollar – Medium
medium · 2501 days ago
Thanks to Venmo, We Now All Know How Cheap Our Friends Are
nytimes · 2502 days ago
Opinion | The Voter Purges Are Coming
nytimes · 2506 days ago
3,900 Pages of Paul Klee’s Personal Notebooks Are Now Online, Presenting His Bauhaus Teachings (1921-1931)
openculture · 2562 days ago
The Discipline of Content Strategy
alistapart · 2504 days ago
On my second birthday we landed on the moon. – Mike Monteiro – Medium
medium · 2505 days ago
Analysis | The Daily 202: Trump shows disdain for rule of law with new attacks on Sessions, Rosenstein, Mueller
washingtonpost · 2505 days ago
An Event Apart: Denver 2017
aneventapart · 2505 days ago
Refer to the spec : background and motivation
rachelandrew.co.uk · 2506 days ago
Gerry McGovern: The Tools I Use
aneventapart · 2506 days ago
Hey, Jeffrey Zeldman invited you to join Pinterest!
pinterest · 2506 days ago
86 Sketch shortcuts that every product designer should be using
invisionapp · 2507 days ago
A redesign
rachelandrew.co.uk · 2507 days ago
When Borders Collapse: Inside the World of Web Standards with Eric Meyer
trackchanges.postlight · 2507 days ago
Ask a UXpert: Should you always agree with your client's feedback? | Adobe Creative Cloud
youtube · 2508 days ago
Ask a UXpert: How do you prepare for your first speaking gig? | Adobe Creative Cloud
youtube · 2508 days ago
Ask a UXpert: Jeffrey Zeldman, A List Apart, Weighs In | Adobe Creative Cloud
youtube · 2508 days ago
Martin Landau | Wikiwand
wikiwand · 2508 days ago
Mitch McConnell is trying to make liars out of Republican opponents of his odious health care bill.
newrepublic · 2508 days ago
Best wireless router
techhive · 2508 days ago
The Children of Aladdin Sane — Last.fm
last.fm · 2509 days ago
The Transition of Fulfillment – A List Apart Sidebar – Medium
medium · 2510 days ago
Progressive Personalization: Designing a Better Personalized Experience
bucket.studio · 2510 days ago
Trump Family Values
newyorker · 2511 days ago
The Big Web Show #161
5by5.tv · 2511 days ago
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Kermit the Frog voice actor 'devastated' to lose job after 27 years
theguardian · 2512 days ago
Who Needs Hard Drives? Scientists Store Film Clip in DNA
nytimes · 2513 days ago
If You Fix This, You Fix a Big Piece of the Climate Puzzle
nytimes · 2513 days ago
Rachel Andrew: The Tools I Use
aneventapart · 2513 days ago
Comcast, Verizon, and AT&T are trying to kill net neutrality, again.
battleforthenet · 2575 days ago
Coming Soon: New Books for Summer!
abookapart · 2514 days ago
- Developer Blog - The Washington Post
developer.washingtonpost · 2514 days ago
github · 2514 days ago
Regressive Web Apps
adactio · 2514 days ago
Instant Loading Web Apps With An Application Shell Architecture
medium · 2514 days ago
Integrating Progressive Web Apps deeply into Android
blog.chromium · 2514 days ago
Why Are App Install Banners Still A Thing? – Dev Channel – Medium
medium · 2581 days ago
Your Site—Any Site—Should be a PWA
aaron-gustafson · 2514 days ago
Progressive Web Apps: Escaping Tabs Without Losing Our Soul – Infrequently Noted
infrequently · 2514 days ago
Day One at An Event Apart DC | UX Booth
uxbooth · 2514 days ago
Designing Interface Animation - Rosenfeld Media
rosenfeldmedia · 2514 days ago
New CSS Meets the Real World - a Collection by rachelandrew on CodePen
codepen.io · 2515 days ago
Keynotopia Official Website: User Interface Design Libraries for Keynote and Powerpoint
keynotopia · 2515 days ago
The Design Sprint — GV
gv · 2515 days ago
“If a picture is worth a thousand words, a prototype is worth a thousand meetings” — IDEO
medium · 2515 days ago
Major papers want the right to collectively bargain with Google and Facebook
news.fastcompany · 2516 days ago
Articles, Links, and Tools From An Event Apart DC 2017
aneventapart · 2516 days ago
2nd Amnesty International Leader Is Detained in Turkey
nytimes · 2519 days ago
Val Head: The Tools I Use
aneventapart · 2520 days ago
CSS: The Definitive Guide, 4th Edition
meyerweb · 2520 days ago
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