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You are not in the bridge building business - Inside Intercom
blog.intercom · 2425 days ago
Building Products AI-First by Aparna Chennapragada - Mind the Product
mindtheproduct · 2425 days ago
So You Want Predictability…? – John Cutler – Medium
medium · 2426 days ago
A leading happiness researcher says we’re giving our kids bad advice about how to succeed in life · 2427 days ago
Why we dismiss negative feedback – Signal v. Noise
knowyourcompany · 2426 days ago
Jason Calacanis on how to attract angel investors - Inside Intercom
blog.intercom · 2426 days ago
10 Questions: Suzanne Abate
cleverpm · 2426 days ago
Publishers and the Pursuit of the Past
stratechery · 2426 days ago
I tried to explain it in the text under the slide. – Josh Elman – Medium
medium · 2426 days ago
Dan Olsen shares advice on How to Achieve Product-Market Fit
mindtheproduct · 2426 days ago
Andrew Harder - The Seven Best Ways to Screw Up Your User Research - Mind the Product
mindtheproduct · 2427 days ago
3 Best Practices for Adopting Continuous Product Discovery - Product Talk
producttalk · 2427 days ago
Thank you so much! It was one I had kicking around for a while.
medium · 2427 days ago
Why your startup needs interview structure - Inside Intercom
blog.intercom · 2427 days ago
Giving apps a new home in Slack – Slack Platform Blog – Medium
medium · 2428 days ago
Steve Blank Why good people leave tech large companies
steveblank · 2428 days ago
Product Development: Turning Months Into Weeks - Mind the Product
mindtheproduct · 2428 days ago
Devs! Don’t Outsource Continuous Improvement! – Hacker Noon
hackernoon · 2428 days ago
Avoiding, not solving – Signal v. Noise
m.signalvnoise · 2429 days ago
“I think I’m having a heart attack” – Signal v. Noise
m.signalvnoise · 2429 days ago
I do whatever I want at work and I haven’t been fired yet
m.signalvnoise · 2429 days ago
Creative Strategy Generation is Product Management
thisisproductmanagement · 2429 days ago
Using Outsourcing to Launch and Scale Your Product Faster - Mind the Product
mindtheproduct · 2429 days ago
Product Management Synapses
tynerblain · 2429 days ago
40 Twitter Doodles, Lists, and Diagrams – Hacker Noon
hackernoon · 2429 days ago
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Project Team vs. Product Team – Hacker Noon
hackernoon · 2429 days ago
How we build our Product Roadmap at Asana – Jackie Bavaro – Medium
medium · 2432 days ago
Programming languages aren’t a zero sum game – Signal v. Noise
m.signalvnoise · 2429 days ago
I Need To Fix This – John Cutler – Medium
medium · 2430 days ago
Ignorance got a bad rap – Signal v. Noise
m.signalvnoise · 2432 days ago
Customer scrutiny leads to better products - Inside Intercom
blog.intercom · 2432 days ago
Growth teams, starting growth teams. Thabet Alfishawi, ProductTank SF
mindtheproduct · 2432 days ago
Chalk Talk: Mapping the Why, Assumptions, and Solutions
medium · 2433 days ago
Box's Jeetu Patel on becoming a platform company - Inside Intercom
blog.intercom · 2433 days ago
Letting go is key to innovation and change. AT ProductTank London, Perry Timms, author of Transformational HR shares powerful stories of innovating enterprises that will leave you enthusiastically letting go of what's blocking your route to innovation.
mindtheproduct · 2433 days ago
Memento Product Mori: Of Ethics in Digital Product Design - Mind the Product
mindtheproduct · 2433 days ago
Building Shared Understanding Is Hard – John Cutler – Medium
medium · 2434 days ago
Do you know what your future customers are searching for? - Inside Intercom
blog.intercom · 2434 days ago
But can you sell water? – Signal v. Noise
m.signalvnoise · 2434 days ago
A Day in the Life of Prad Patel, Product Manager at Trinity Mirror - Mind the Product
mindtheproduct · 2434 days ago
A minimalist comic about the evolution of reasoning and heated conversations
medium · 2434 days ago
The mystery of work-life balance – The Year of the Looking Glass – Medium
medium · 2435 days ago
Hiring a Product Manager: A Little Clarity Goes a Long way - Mind the Product
mindtheproduct · 2435 days ago
Me: seeking more interesting arguments – Thinking Is Hard – Medium
medium · 2436 days ago
Give a little, get a lot. – Signal v. Noise
m.signalvnoise · 2435 days ago
Enough – Signal v. Noise
m.signalvnoise · 2436 days ago
If It Ain’t Baroque, Don’t Fix It – Signal v. Noise
m.signalvnoise · 2435 days ago
Mobile Strategy is Product Management
thisisproductmanagement · 2436 days ago
Using Analytics to Raise Prices and win new Customers - Mind the Product
mindtheproduct · 2436 days ago
Dealing with Difficult Stakeholders and Team Members | Roman Pichler
romanpichler · 2436 days ago
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