Julie Zhuo
Lessons from Italy’s Response to Coronavirus
hbr · 2 days ago
COVID19 Tracker
covidtracking · 18 days ago
Stay Healthy. Stay Data-Informed.
medium · 11 days ago
Stay Healthy. Stay Data-Informed.
lg.substack · 12 days ago
An Ending and a Beginning
medium · 38 days ago
Perspective | Valentine’s Day was humiliating for me as a child. I tell my students about it every year.
washingtonpost · 45 days ago
First and Best
medium · 62 days ago
The 30 Best Pieces of Advice for Entrepreneurs in 2019
firstround · 80 days ago
The Making of a Manager: What to Do When Everyone Looks to You eBook: Julie Zhuo: Amazon.co.uk: Kindle Store
amazon.co.uk · 88 days ago
Gift Guide: 12 must-read books for 2019 as recommended by Extra Crunch readers – TechCrunch
techcrunch · 106 days ago
In Search of Perfect Moments
medium · 116 days ago
Ready. Set. Write a Book.
nytimes · 151 days ago
12 Best New CEO Books To Read In 2019
bookauthority · 173 days ago
Junior Designers vs. Senior Designers
medium · 177 days ago
The Curse of Perfect
medium · 180 days ago
Coffee Chat Series #1: Getting Ahead as an Early-Career Designer
medium · 198 days ago
The Best Leadership Books For New Managers in 2019
forbes · 223 days ago
5 steps for Disagreeing Effectively
medium · 243 days ago
Quarterly Culture Inspiration: July 2019
molliewestduffy · 267 days ago
📚 The Making of a Manager: What to Do When Everyone Looks to You – Julie Zhuo
himanshuseth.home.blog · 281 days ago
Product Design Manager, Ads
facebook · 297 days ago
Product Design Manager - Workplace
facebook · 297 days ago
The Secret to Being a Better Boss Today
themuse · 299 days ago
25 Must Read Books on Leadership
medium · 299 days ago
Amazon.com: The Making of a Manager: What to Do When Everyone Looks to You eBook: Julie Zhuo: Kindle Store
amazon · 310 days ago
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Letter to My Younger Asian-American Self
medium · 312 days ago
5 Lessons I Learned From the 'Alpha Girls' of Silicon Valley
fortune · 335 days ago
How to Get Better at Giving and Receiving Feedback
eventbrite · 347 days ago
Jon Snow Emails 23andMe About His DNA Results
mcsweeneys · 352 days ago
Best-Selling Books Week Ended March 23
wsj · 366 days ago
10 questions I wish I’d asked more to turbocharge my career
medium · 366 days ago
Become a Driver or Get a Ride Now – Lyft
lyft · 367 days ago
The Essential Questions That Have Powered This Top Silicon Valley Manager’s Career
firstround · 375 days ago
As Your Team Gets Bigger, Your Leadership Style Has to Adapt
hbr · 381 days ago
Business Books to Watch in March
inthebooks.800ceoread · 383 days ago
WWDC 2018 summary for iOS developers
flawlessapp.io · 655 days ago
Within Magazine — Issue 01 — Within
gowithin.co · 474 days ago
Coin Operated - Animated Short Film
youtube · 502 days ago
Julie Zhuo
facebook · 511 days ago
How to be Strategic – Julie Zhuo – Medium
medium · 544 days ago
Opinion | Mark Zuckerberg: Protecting democracy is an arms race. Here’s how Facebook can help.
washingtonpost · 572 days ago
Design for People, Use People Language – Julie Zhuo – Medium
medium · 585 days ago
Weekend Box Office: 'Crazy Rich Asians' Wins With $25.2M for $34M Five-Day Launch
hollywoodreporter · 588 days ago
Julie Zhuo
facebook · 667 days ago
Designers Finally Have A Seat At The Table. Now What?
fastcodesign · 811 days ago
Hard Questions: Is Spending Time on Social Media Bad for Us? | Facebook Newsroom
newsroom.fb · 835 days ago
Many ways to learn – The Year of the Looking Glass – Medium
medium · 836 days ago
7 reasons no other company can touch Facebook, the best place to work in America
businessinsider · 843 days ago
The 4 Stages of 0->1 Products – The Year of the Looking Glass – Medium
medium · 856 days ago
A Facebook exec who plans every moment of her day shares the routine that helps her get it all done
businessinsider · 859 days ago
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