Mamoon Hamid
The Class of 2000 ‘Could Have Been Anything.’ Until Opioids Hit.
nytimes · 9 days ago
Moveworks Raises $75 Million in New Funding
wsj · 28 days ago
Kleiner Perkins | Make History
kleinerperkins · 77 days ago
Kleiner Perkins bets on a premium email service that’s bringing Slack-like Groups into Gmail – TechCrunch
techcrunch · 106 days ago
Session with Wen H. Hsieh - Quora
quora · 118 days ago
25 rising stars in venture capital who control millions of dollars in Silicon Valley and decide which startups will blow up
businessinsider · 136 days ago
Congratulations Livongo - Improving the lives of people with chronic diseases.
kleinerperkins · 140 days ago
a16z · 175 days ago
Welcome 2019 Kleiner Perkins Fellows!
kleinerperkins · 176 days ago
Step raises $22.5M led by Stripe to build no-fee banking services for teens – TechCrunch
techcrunch · 189 days ago
Future · 374 days ago
Future launches $150/mo exercise app where real coaches nag you – TechCrunch
techcrunch · 203 days ago
Session with Ilya Fushman - Quora
quora · 208 days ago
Kleiner Perkins | Make History
kleinerperkins · 224 days ago
Mathilde Collin Wants To Innovate Your Inbox With Front
forbes · 245 days ago
NBC Taps Lilly Singh to Replace Carson Daly in Late Night
variety · 272 days ago
How 1 Woman Invented Coffee as We Know It Today
popsugar · 276 days ago
Disney's 'Star Wars' lands announce opening dates
cnn · 279 days ago
Figma: Crazy Ramping Series C
kleinerperkins · 300 days ago
What in Store for Corporate Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in 2019?
medium · 316 days ago
The Light Phone
thelightphone · 341 days ago
Apple’s Precarious and Pivotal 2019 – 500ish Words
500ish · 343 days ago
Last Stand Coffee · 344 days ago
The Next Chapter
intercom · 458 days ago
Netlify: Modernizing the Web
kleinerperkins · 429 days ago
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Netlify just got $30 million to change the way developers build websites
techcrunch · 429 days ago
Meatless burgers vs. beef: How Beyond Meat’s environmental impact stacks up
fastcompany · 442 days ago
This app wants to make your credit cards cheaper so you can pay off debt faster
cnbc · 471 days ago
Viz LVO · 511 days ago
Who Has The Best Business Model (And It’s Not Google Or Facebook)
medium · 527 days ago
Al-Shifa Clinic Welcome Video
youtube · 528 days ago
JASK nets $25M from Kleiner to build out autonomous security operations
techcrunch · 532 days ago
A Most Beautiful Game – 500ish Words
500ish · 536 days ago
How Do We Combat Ageism? By Valuing Wisdom as Much as Youth.
hbr · 538 days ago
The 3D Printing Company That Could Transform Manufacturing
bloomberg · 576 days ago
Business operations: when you'll need it and why, eventually, you won't - Inside Intercom
blog.intercom · 581 days ago
The Business Messenger Reinvented | Intercom
intercom · 596 days ago
Eoghan McCabe LIVE Chat on Product Hunt
producthunt · 625 days ago
Intercom raises $125 million to take on Salesforce
techcrunch · 625 days ago
Building the Team at Kleiner Perkins: Welcome Ilya!
medium · 647 days ago
Intercom for Slack - Product Hunt
producthunt · 672 days ago
Startups Try to Chip Away at Adobe’s Dominance
bloomberg · 679 days ago
Figma Raises $25MM Series B – Figma Design
blog.figma · 679 days ago
Techies Still Think They're the Good Guys. They're Not. | Backchannel
wired · 725 days ago
SaaStr 155: Intercom Co-Founder, Des Traynor on Constructing The Right Brand Architecture, The Right Way To Integrate Customer Feedback Into Product Roadmap & Why There Is An Inverse Correlation Between Quality & Market Size
soundcloud · 730 days ago
The White Helmets | Netflix Official Site
netflix · 761 days ago
Tell Us 5 Things About Your Book: Miami During the Cocaine Boom
nytimes · 767 days ago
Silicon Valley Gets Behind Initiative to Challenge Trump’s Agenda in Court
bloomberg · 778 days ago
Opinion | Lupita Nyong’o: Speaking Out About Harvey Weinstein
nytimes · 783 days ago
Coda — It's a new day for docs · 784 days ago
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