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Conversations and Ideas
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Reflections on Being a Female Founder
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In Some Cities, Police Officers Joined Protesters Marching Against Brutality
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Surprising COVID-19 Strategy: Reduce Economic Damage and Deaths Simultaneously
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Welcome Aaron and Harj
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Coronavirus modelers factor in new public health risk: Accusations their work is a hoax
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Oxford COVID-19 Government Response Tracker
bsg.ox.ac.uk · 131 days ago
FDA will allow doctors to treat critically ill coronavirus patients with blood from survivors
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Instagram founder launches gift card site for quarantined restaurants – TechCrunch
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About Us - Flexport.org
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Help contract and gig workers during coronavirus organized by Shana Zheng
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Airbnb invests as Zeus corporate housing raises $55M at $205M – TechCrunch
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The Lesson to Unlearn
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The Internet and the Third Estate
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Amazon.bomb: How the internet's biggest success story turned sour
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We built Triplebyte for machine learning engineers - here's what we learned.
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Announcing: Triplebyte Premium!
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Say Hello to Himani Amoli, Design Manager
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Clipping from Pittsburgh Sun-Telegraph - Newspapers.com
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Our $55 Million Series C - Heap | Mobile and Web Analytics
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Can You Apply to YC Before You Have a US Visa? - Jared Friedman
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