Harj Taggar
Airbnb invests as Zeus corporate housing raises $55M at $205M – TechCrunch
techcrunch · 71 days ago
The Lesson to Unlearn
paulgraham · 73 days ago
The Internet and the Third Estate
stratechery · 120 days ago
Amazon.bomb: How the internet's biggest success story turned sour
theguardian · 131 days ago
We built Triplebyte for machine learning engineers - here's what we learned.
triplebyte · 147 days ago
Announcing: Triplebyte Premium!
triplebyte · 166 days ago
Say Hello to Himani Amoli, Design Manager
medium · 176 days ago
Clipping from Pittsburgh Sun-Telegraph - Newspapers.com
newspapers · 209 days ago
Our $55 Million Series C - Heap | Mobile and Web Analytics
heap.io · 209 days ago
Can You Apply to YC Before You Have a US Visa? - Jared Friedman
youtube · 214 days ago
Zeus Living – An honest review
sherryandgeorge · 214 days ago
Op-Eds From the Future
nytimes · 215 days ago
Opinion | Trump Needs His Base to Burn With Anger
nytimes · 220 days ago
Matthew McConaughey - This Is Why You're Not Happy | One Of The Most Eye Opening Speeches
youtube · 223 days ago
Opinion | The Economics of Rihanna’s Superstardom
nytimes · 262 days ago
As The Term "Unicorn" Goes Broke From Overuse, What's Actually Rare?
news.crunchbase · 271 days ago
How computing's first 'killer app' changed everything
bbc · 272 days ago
Geoff Ralston for President
blog.ycombinator · 274 days ago
The IPO market is heating up again, but it won’t change how fast companies go public – TechCrunch
techcrunch · 301 days ago
Stoic Apathy
existentialcomics · 302 days ago
The Inspiring Backstory of Eric S. Yuan, Founder and CEO of Zoom
medium · 309 days ago
LeBron James Opened a School That Was Considered an Experiment. It’s Showing Promise.
nytimes · 312 days ago
There’s No Actual Skill Called “Business”
startupboy · 315 days ago
Triplebyte Raises $35M To Help Engineers Escape The Bay
news.crunchbase · 313 days ago
Triplebyte raises $35 million to match engineers with employers
venturebeat · 313 days ago
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Announcing our $35 million Series B
triplebyte · 313 days ago
Marissa Mayer on Career Growth and How a Revenue Guarantee Almost Killed Google
triplebyte · 315 days ago
Women: Learn to Program this Summer
foundersatwork.posthaven · 333 days ago
CS Degrees Are Mostly Just Signaling - An Interview With Economist Bryan Caplan
triplebyte · 336 days ago
Moby releases his new album exclusively on Calm
blog.calm · 338 days ago
PagerDuty just filed its S-1
techcrunch · 339 days ago
Zeus raises $24M to make you a living-as-a-service landlord
techcrunch · 340 days ago
Software developers are now more valuable to companies than money: Survey
cnbc · 526 days ago
How Triplebyte Made Me More Confident as a Self-Taught Programmer
triplebyte · 355 days ago
Announcing our $75m funding round to open up access to our global bank debit network
gocardless · 365 days ago
Programming Interview Questions Are Too Hard and Too Short
triplebyte · 365 days ago
How I Skipped 20 Hours of Technical Screening by Using Triplebyte - And Found a Job I Love
triplebyte · 372 days ago
More young people abstaining from alcohol, and others drinking less
ucl.ac.uk · 373 days ago
Foot Locker Invests $100 Million In Secondary Sneaker Platform GOAT
forbes · 376 days ago
Recruitment Startups Realize, With The Help Of AI, Less Is More
news.crunchbase · 378 days ago
A Humility Training Exercise for Technical Interviewers
triplebyte · 379 days ago
Dropbox snares HelloSign for $230M, gets workflow and eSignature
techcrunch · 386 days ago
How I Got a Software Engineering Job Without Work Experience or a CS Degree
triplebyte · 397 days ago
One unique method of picking stocks is outperforming the market this year
cnbc · 399 days ago
Interesting Markets: 2019 Edition
blog.eladgil · 406 days ago
My Year in Pocket
getpocket · 424 days ago
Shame Storm
firstthings · 429 days ago
Amplitude, Founded By Forbes Under 30 Alums To Make Products Better With Analytics, Reaches $850M Valuation As Sequoia Leads New Investment
forbes · 440 days ago
Triplebyte Editor Report — The Rise of VS Code
triplebyte · 441 days ago
Investment Series: Triplebyte – Anish Dhar – Medium
medium · 447 days ago
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