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More Alt-Right Rallies Are Planned for Nine Cities Next Weekend
reverepress · 2234 days ago
James Damore, Google, and the YouTube radicalization of angry white men
theguardian · 2237 days ago
Charlottesville: Race and Terror – VICE News Tonight on HBO
youtube · 2236 days ago
A Country Divided - and it's 70-year legacy - BBC News · 2236 days ago
Taylor Swift Says Man Groped Her in ‘Devious and Sneaky Act’
nytimes · 2240 days ago
Songbird - Product Hunt
producthunt · 2244 days ago
BuzzFeed is getting into the smart appliance business with the Tasty One Top
techcrunch · 2255 days ago
Gary Chou helps students rise to the challenge. – People & Company
research.people-and · 2255 days ago
PHOTOS: Deliveroo has moved into a swanky new London office with a 'centre court'
businessinsider · 2257 days ago
Deliveroo Design Reading List #2 –July 2017 – Deliveroo Design – Medium
medium · 2257 days ago
We Need Stories of Dystopia Without Apocalypse – Electric Literature
electricliterature · 2261 days ago
When Will the Planet Be Too Hot For Humans? Much, Much Sooner Than You Imagine.
nymag · 2272 days ago
Five injured in moped thugs' 90-minute acid attack rampage across London · 2268 days ago
Home is a Cup of Tea
longreads · 2272 days ago
List: 11 Ways That I, a White Man, Am Not Privileged
mcsweeneys · 2290 days ago
Strategy - Wikipedia
en.wikipedia · 2277 days ago
New Grid Controversy, Framer Crash Course, and Rally Interactive Launches a Product
youtube · 2279 days ago
Dear Dead Authors of Classic Literature: You’re Fired Because We’re Pivoting to Video
mcsweeneys · 2281 days ago
how to do nothing – Jenny Odell – Medium
medium · 2282 days ago
Animals Being Jerks (@MeanAnimals) on Twitter
twitter · 2282 days ago
*S* @vakeel_saheba · 2284 days ago
The Importance of Selfishness
thebookoflife · 2285 days ago
Breaking myths over breaking breads, a look at interfaith iftar
hindustantimes · 2287 days ago
My Company Tried Slack For Two Years. This Is Why We Quit.
fastcompany · 2289 days ago
The Dark And Wild Fluorescence Of Lorde's 'Melodrama'
uproxx · 2291 days ago
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BBC News Channel: Election 2017
twitter · 2304 days ago
Comey Testifies Before Senate Intelligence Committee
twitter · 2304 days ago
Motoring towards liberation · 2304 days ago
Headspace @Headspace · 2320 days ago
floral designer lewis miller turns NYC trash cans into bountiful bin bouquets
designboom · 2320 days ago
Happiness research shows the biggest obstacle to creativity is being too busy
qz · 2329 days ago
Opinion | 4-Year-Olds Don’t Act Like Trump
nytimes · 2322 days ago
Women Who Design · 2328 days ago
Dieter Rams’ classic design principles updated for the tech industry
kottke · 2343 days ago
The Case Against Empathy
fastcodesign · 2346 days ago
The case for being grumpy at work
qz · 2346 days ago
A Very Irritating Truth
conniewonnie · 2354 days ago
Philosophers in the Rain
incidentalcomics · 2373 days ago
A visual history of Berg
flickr · 2374 days ago
I Hired A Robot To Write My Mom A Letter
fastcodesign · 2389 days ago
The Great Green Wall of America
politico · 2395 days ago
A Bookstore Is Displaying All Books By Men Backwards, And It's Eye-Opening
buzzfeed · 2396 days ago
Women’s Day special: Women talk about desire and other difficult dialogues
indianexpress · 2398 days ago
The Gorgeous Typeface That Drove Men Mad and Sparked a 100-Year Mystery
gizmodo · 2401 days ago
People Are Writing Thousands of Emails to Trees
theatlantic · 2404 days ago
How Will History Remember Your Lifetime?
theatlantic · 2405 days ago
A Spell to Bind Donald Trump and All Those Who Abet Him: February 24th Mass Ritual
extranewsfeed · 2408 days ago
Leveling both sides of the playing field
medium · 2410 days ago
Home from Poorly Drawn Lines
poorlydrawnlines.storenvy · 2410 days ago
University Application | Full-time & Internship
careers.twitter · 2410 days ago
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