Zack Schildhorn
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descript · 872 days ago
Galileo Acquisition Corp. Announces Effectiveness of Registration Statement and Special Meeting Date for Proposed Business Combination with Shapeways - Shapeways
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Looking Glass Factory · The World's Leading Holographic Display
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Some Notes on Fundraising
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Pawp Raises $13M Series A to Make Quality Pet Care Affordable and Accessible
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The Key To Hiring Remote Teams? Project To Hire.
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South Dakota ER nurse recalls how dying coronavirus patients spend last minutes insisting virus isn't real
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Lux Capital's Zack Schildhorn on the Power of Narrative for Entrepreneurs
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Welcoming a New Secular Investment Wave: Health + Tech
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Holograms, VR, AR, & the future of reality
blog.lookingglassfactory · 1708 days ago
Episode 4: Latch is Reconfiguring The City of the Future
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2018 Lux Annual Dinner Talk
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Accelerating autonomy to every car – Lux Capital – Medium
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Latch: Securing the Smart Homes of the Future
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The Holographic Display Of The Future Is Here - Feld Thoughts
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Holograms Are Here, And I Holoported Myself To Prove It
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This Engineer Is Building an Armada of Saildrones That Could Remake Weather Forecasting
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How Defective Guns Became the Only Product That Can’t Be Recalled
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Sundance Film Festival and The Rise of Indie VR
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Coral Reefs, Mathematical Snowflakes, and the Climate of Game of Thrones: Lux Recommends #112
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Why the ocean needs an Oscar
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How Do We Bring Back Manufacturing Jobs? Hire More Robots.
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Shahin Farshchi LIVE Chat on Product Hunt
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How Blockchain and ICOs Are Changing the Funding Game for Startups
wsj · 2430 days ago
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Fidget toy spinner Cufflinks by Sterlingcufflinks on Shapeways
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Fidget spinner cufflinks
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Virtual, Meet Reality: AR Will Change The Way We Experience The World
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Planet Satellite Imagery Shows Harvey Devastation - bellingcat
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