Ethan Marcotte
Mute email conversations in Mail on Mac · 1313 days ago
‘No One Is Listening to Us’
theatlantic · 1317 days ago
Montana Doctor Says Hospital Is 'Strapped Thin'
npr · 1317 days ago
Thoughts on screen reader detection - Tink - Léonie Watson · 1318 days ago
Ursula Le Guin Q&A
theguardian · 1328 days ago
We Have Never Had Final Results on Election Day
nytimes · 1328 days ago
My design systems reading list. —
ethanmarcotte · 1328 days ago
Culture Study
annehelen.substack · 1332 days ago
Art and cops
mikkipedia.substack · 1332 days ago
The Reckless Race to Confirm Amy Coney Barrett Justifies Court Packing
theatlantic · 1336 days ago
Google workers fired amid organization efforts file retaliation complaint
arstechnica · 1339 days ago
Google AI Tech Will Be Used for Virtual Border Wall, CBP Contract Shows
theintercept · 1339 days ago
Sohla El-Waylly Goes Solo
vulture · 1347 days ago
Before dawn, and after dusk. —
ethanmarcotte · 1353 days ago
Google says Americans don’t want it broken up in reaction to proposed new anti-trust rules
androidpolice · 1354 days ago
Faculty — Websites you can rely on
faculty · 1361 days ago
Speaking, remotely. —
ethanmarcotte · 1362 days ago
Trump’s Taxes Show Chronic Losses and Years of Income Tax Avoidance
nytimes · 1364 days ago
The case for rereading
aworkinglibrary · 1364 days ago
Rebecca Traister Finds Hope In the Mixed-Up-ness of Humanity
interviewmagazine · 1367 days ago
September 21st! A Charity Fundraiser
actionnetwork · 1370 days ago
youtube · 1370 days ago
A message from Tyler.
youtube · 1373 days ago
The Crushing Reality of Zoom School
esquire · 1374 days ago
The tangled webs we weave
daverupert · 1380 days ago
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Meet the Team: Sally Kerrigan
abookapart · 1381 days ago
When there is no content between headings · 1383 days ago
Design for Cognitive Bias by David Dylan Thomas
abookapart · 1451 days ago
Amid Civil Unrest, FedEx Halts Delivery To Some Black Areas In Chicago
wbez · 1408 days ago
Yes, you have to wash your face mask after every use.
vox · 1409 days ago
lyricjones.bandcamp · 1409 days ago
Lyric Jones: Tiny Desk (Home) Concert
npr · 1409 days ago
Twitch · 1411 days ago
Changing World, Changing Mozilla – The Mozilla Blog
blog.mozilla · 1411 days ago
Uber drivers to launch legal bid to uncover app's algorithm
theguardian · 1422 days ago
Autocracy: Rules for Survival
nybooks · 1423 days ago
Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update: FDA Posts New Template for At-Home and Over-the-Counter Diagnostic Tests for Use in Non-Lab Settings, Such as Homes, Offices or Schools · 1424 days ago
Tatiana Mac: “System of Systems” — Clarity 2019
youtube · 1424 days ago
Ethan Marcotte: “The World-Wide Work” — Clarity 2019
youtube · 1429 days ago
The Automation Charade · 1430 days ago
The design systems between us. —
ethanmarcotte · 1450 days ago
#241 Privacy privilege - UX Podcast
uxpodcast · 1436 days ago
‘It was like being preyed upon’: Portland protesters say federal officers in unmarked vans are detaining them
washingtonpost · 1436 days ago
Oregon Gov. Kate Brown Says President Trump Is Invading Portland as an Election Stunt
wweek · 1436 days ago
A Second Coronavirus Death Surge Is Coming
theatlantic · 1438 days ago
RSS with “Reply via Email”
email-is-good · 1439 days ago
Facebook bug causing Spotify, Tinder and Pinterest apps to crash · 1443 days ago
Notes from a hill. —
ethanmarcotte · 1447 days ago
Ethan Marcotte: “The design systems between us” – dirtystylus | Mark Llobrera
dirtystylus · 1452 days ago
Cards Against Humanity workers are unionizing following allegations of toxic culture
polygon · 1453 days ago
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