Navin Iyengar
Super Nintendo Entertainment System, Classic Edition -
walmart · 2071 days ago
Elon Musk says he has a green light to build a NY-Philly-Baltimore-DC hyperloop
theverge · 2072 days ago
Look up! Northern Lights spectacle possible Sunday night
cnn · 2075 days ago
Tardigrades are the toughest animals on Earth. What would it would take to kill them all?
vox · 2076 days ago
For the first time, a wild lioness is photographed nursing a baby leopard
washingtonpost · 2077 days ago
Disney is opening an immersive Star Wars Hotel where each guest gets a storyline
techcrunch · 2077 days ago
Why design should include everyone
ted · 2100 days ago
Want to Make a Lie Seem True? Say It Again. And Again. And Again
wired · 2079 days ago
The Technology That Will Make It Impossible For You to Believe What You See
theatlantic · 2081 days ago
Iron Man can't carry the MCU forever. In Spider-Man: Homecoming, Marvel passed the torch.
vox · 2081 days ago
What Happens If The Election Was A Fraud? The Constitution Doesn’t Say.
fivethirtyeight · 2082 days ago
New Netflix film Okja is sci-fi satire so sharp it will cut you
arstechnica · 2083 days ago
Nest Founder: “I Wake Up In Cold Sweats Thinking, What Did We Bring To The World?”
fastcodesign · 2085 days ago
How I Built an AI to Sort 2 Tons of Lego Pieces · 2083 days ago
artofthetitle · 2084 days ago
Jay Z’s Tidal exclusive 4:44 has gone platinum in less than a week
theverge · 2086 days ago
In Science, There Are No "Alternative Facts"
futurism · 2086 days ago
Opinion | Going to Hooters and Seeing America
nytimes · 2088 days ago
The classic American sitcom is exactly what we need in this fractured political moment
vox · 2089 days ago
Curry agrees to historic 5-year, $201M deal
zestynews · 2091 days ago
10 Years Ago Today, the Original iPhone Officially Launched
macrumors · 2093 days ago
A Glimpse of ‘the Summer of Love’ – Amazing Photographs of Hippies in San Francisco in 1967
themindcircle · 2094 days ago
Okja is the first great Netflix movie — here's why that matters
theverge · 2096 days ago
'GLOW' Is Netflix's Best Show in Years
vice · 2099 days ago
Okja Is a Masterfully Told Story Which Will Haunt You for Days
io9.gizmodo · 2099 days ago
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‘Star Wars’: Don’t Get Mad at Kathleen Kennedy For That Han Solo Shake-Up
indiewire · 2099 days ago
Ron Howard Hired to Direct Han Solo Movie
eonline · 2100 days ago
White House Warns Reporters Not to Report on Instructions About Not Reporting on Thursday’s Press Conference
slate · 2100 days ago
Our Fear of Black Men is Racist, and It Killed Philando Castile
huffingtonpost · 2100 days ago
San Francisco Bans Flavored Tobacco Sales | Hoodline
hoodline · 2100 days ago
Talking to Boys the Way We Talk to Girls
nytimes · 2106 days ago
How Nutella Replaced Human Creativity with an Algorithm
subtraction · 2102 days ago
Amazon’s New Customer
stratechery · 2103 days ago
The 2017 Finals showcased the NBA's international reach
espn · 2105 days ago
Walmart to Buy Bonobos, Men’s Wear Company, for $310 Million
nytimes · 2106 days ago
How The Handmaid’s Tale Changed the Game for Hulu
vulture · 2107 days ago
Taylor Swift embraces streaming, brings full catalog to Spotify and more
techcrunch · 2113 days ago
Arms review: Nintendo reinvents the fighting game and it’s brilliant · 2115 days ago
Wonder Woman is a tremendous win for a franchise that desperately needed one
theverge · 2120 days ago
With ‘War Machine,’ Netflix Bets on Brad Pitt in Afghanistan
nytimes · 2128 days ago
Eli Pariser Predicted the Future. Now He Can’t Escape It.
backchannel · 2128 days ago
Jon Stewart and HBO Cancel Animated Shorts Project
nytimes · 2129 days ago
Google now knows when its users go to the store and buy stuff
washingtonpost · 2130 days ago
15 years after IPO, Netflix has changed drastically—and is worth nearly 22,000% more
marketwatch · 2130 days ago
No, Google’s Not a Bird: Bringing the Internet to Rural India
nytimes · 2132 days ago
‘Arrested Development’ Season 5 Is A Go At Netflix With Entire Cast Set To Return
deadline · 2136 days ago
Macron Won, But The French Polls Were Way Off
fivethirtyeight · 2137 days ago
The Warriors Don’t Start Trying Until They’re Down 15
fivethirtyeight · 2137 days ago
Sheryl Sandberg and Elizabeth Alexander on Love, Loss and What Comes Next
nytimes · 2139 days ago
Lyft and Waymo Reach Deal to Collaborate on Self-Driving Cars
nytimes · 2139 days ago
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