Mike Maples
Airbnb Banned Neo-Nazis From Booking This Weekend—and Set a New Standard for How Tech Can Fight Hate
slate · 100 days ago
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August 8: Catch Mike Maples, Jr. in Austin – Hugh Forrest – Medium
medium · 106 days ago
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Statement on the death of CC friend and colleague Bassel Khartabil - Creative Commons
creativecommons · 112 days ago
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We could all learn something from Mr. Rogers's behavior during this Senate hearing - Holy Kaw!
holykaw.alltop · 124 days ago
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A hacker stole $31M of Ether — how it happened, and what it means for Ethereum
medium.freecodecamp · 124 days ago
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Say Goodbye To X+Y: Should Community Colleges Abolish Algebra?
npr · 125 days ago
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Silicon Valley’s First Founder Was Its Worst | Backchannel
wired · 125 days ago
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Millennium Tower Tilting Two and a Half Inches More
nbcbayarea · 126 days ago
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RNC committeewoman retweets piece wishing death on Sen. John McCain
usatoday · 126 days ago
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Maryam Mirzakhani’s Pioneering Mathematical Legacy
newyorker · 127 days ago
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Maryam Mirzakhani, Stanford mathematician and Fields Medal winner, dies | Stanford News
news.stanford.edu · 129 days ago
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AT&T’s ‘support’ for net neutrality means tricking customers to fight against it
theverge · 131 days ago
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Chinese Scientists Successfully Teleported a Particle to Space
popularmechanics · 132 days ago
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World GDP over the last two millennia
ourworldindata · 192 days ago
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SpeerKids.com: Help us raise $1 million for Omar Khadr's victims
therebel.media · 136 days ago
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Why SAFE notes are not safe for entrepreneurs
techcrunch · 136 days ago
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Are sleeveless dresses "appropriate attire"? Congress doesn't think so
cbsnews · 138 days ago
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The Saga of RideAustin
texasmonthly · 143 days ago
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China’s Moment to Lead on North Korea
chinausfocus · 144 days ago
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French President's official portrait sparks glorious Photoshop battle
mashable · 145 days ago
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The New York Times Is Killing Its Soul
theconcourse.deadspin · 145 days ago
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How Andrew Cuomo broke the New York subway
theweek · 145 days ago
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Opinion | The G.O.P. Rejects Conservatism
nytimes · 148 days ago
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Hacks Raise Fear Over N.S.A.’s Hold on Cyberweapons
nytimes · 146 days ago
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In 10 Years, Your iPhone Won’t Be a Phone Anymore
wsj · 150 days ago
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Silicon Valley Women Tell of VC’s Unwanted Advances
theinformation · 153 days ago