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Douglas Adams on our Reactions to Technology Over Time
fs.blog · 5 days ago
The Hottest Chat App for Teens Is … Google Docs
theatlantic · 8 days ago
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Why are hundreds of luxury Vancouver mansions being rented for cheap?
ctvnews.ca · 12 days ago
You can buy an entire town in Georgia for the cost of a typical home in San Francisco
marketwatch · 20 days ago
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linkedin · 20 days ago
The Counterintuitive World
motherjones · 20 days ago
Meet Amanda Cox, Who Brings Life to Data on Our Pages
nytimes · 21 days ago
Facebook plans to let Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp users message each other
theverge · 36 days ago
Reddit - explainlikeimfive - ELI5: Why is it so controversial when someone says "All Lives Matter" instead of "Black Lives Matter"?
reddit · 36 days ago
Facebook under pressure to halt rise of anti-vaccination groups
theguardian · 37 days ago
A 49-inch ultrawide monitor is extravagant, ridiculous, and amazing
theverge · 49 days ago
The Elements of UI Engineering
overreacted.io · 81 days ago
At least 25 advertisers drop Tucker Carlson over immigration remarks
axios · 91 days ago
Lyft Announces $2.50 Flat Fare to Grocery Stores for Families Living in Food Deserts - AfroTech
afrotech · 95 days ago
Make your donation now - Donate
donate.wikimedia · 109 days ago
Make your donation now - Donate
donate.wikimedia · 109 days ago
Brown Box | Radiolab | WNYC Studios
wnycstudios · 113 days ago
Apple Entrepreneur Camp - Apple Developer
developer.apple · 115 days ago
The end of the beginning
ben-evans · 125 days ago
This is how we can create a third wave of poverty reduction
gatesnotes · 126 days ago
Paypal bans Gab following Pittsburgh shooting
theverge · 145 days ago
It’s a new day for mapping tools – The Official Hivemapper Blog
blog.hivemapper · 146 days ago
Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up
youtube · 607 days ago
Designing A Work-life Balance in The Bay Area – Preston Smalley – Medium
prestonsmalley · 166 days ago
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I Dissent: Ruth Bader Ginsburg Makes Her Mark: Debbie Levy, Elizabeth Baddeley: 9781481465595: Amazon.com: Books
amazon · 166 days ago
The Wikipedia contributor behind 2.5 million edits
washingtonpost · 167 days ago
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linkedin · 167 days ago
Wikipedia rejected an entry on today’s Nobel Prize winner in May because she wasn’t famous enough
qz · 170 days ago
ALMA: Philanthropy made easy
alma.app · 303 days ago
Redesigning Chrome: An interview with Chrome’s lead designer
blog.google · 190 days ago
Can California’s next governor fix the state’s problems? It depends on Palo Alto
latimes · 180 days ago
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linkedin · 180 days ago
I just chipped in to Beto O'Rourke's campaign
secure.actblue · 212 days ago
The White House Startup, Led By Matt Cutts, Is Changing Government One Fire At A Time
news.crunchbase · 186 days ago
Survivorship bias - Wikipedia
en.wikipedia · 192 days ago
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Beto for Texas
betofortexas · 464 days ago
Google updates its speech services for developers
techcrunch · 206 days ago
The Art of Aligning Groups
fasterthan20 · 209 days ago
Design for People, Use People Language – Julie Zhuo – Medium
medium · 211 days ago
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The Strange Infinities of e-Commerce
theatlantic · 218 days ago
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Charlie Wilson's War - Zen master and the little boy
youtube · 219 days ago
Framer X — Grids
dribbble · 228 days ago
CMU Bay Area MHCI / Design Meetup - Summer 2018 - Splash
cmumhcidesignmeetup.splashthat · 247 days ago
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linkedin · 247 days ago
iOS Icons Morphing Part 2
dribbble · 249 days ago
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