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RECENTLY SHARED Build: An Unorthodox Guide to Making Things Worth Making: 9780063046061: Fadell, Tony: Books
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What Steve Jobs Still Has To Teach Us About Making Great Products
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Forced Entrepreneurs by Isaac Hacamo, Kristoph Kleiner :: SSRN
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What 18 top designers bought for their homes during COVID-19
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Steve Jobs Explains "Skin In The Game" Decades Before Nassim Taleb
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There’s a Name for the Blah You’re Feeling: It’s Called Languishing
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Party Of Startups: Entrepreneurship Is About To Take Off
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Missionary Misfits: Meet Joe DeRisi, A Real-Life Virus Hunter
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Metal 3D printing startup Mantle launches out of stealth with $13M in funding – TechCrunch
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Twitter Alum Elizabeth Weil’s VC Firm Debuts With $42 Million To Bring Back ‘Old Venture’ Collaboration
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The Glorious RBG
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Silicon Valley Truisms That Aren’t True
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Steve Vassallo: From Designer to Venture Investor
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Steve Jang & Kanyi Maqubela form or fund as Kindred Ventures – TechCrunch
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Foundation Capital, now 24 years old, just closed its ninth fund with $350 million in capital commitments – TechCrunch
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The Way to Design - Manifesto
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Audio Book - The Way to Design by Steve Vassallo
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ForUsAll Reaches $500m in Assets and Raises $21m in Venture Capital
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10 Must-Read Design Books To Get You Ready For 2018
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The Way to Design by Steve Vassallo
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9 Big Design Trends That Will Shape 2018
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Trump's 41 most eye-popping lines from his Pensacola speech
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TechShop Closes Doors, Files Bankruptcy | Make:
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Opinion | Kids, Would You Please Start Fighting?
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Guy dresses up as dog's favorite toy ORIGINAL
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Stella McCartney Is Weaving A New Way Forward | Fast Company
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Introducing LEGO® Ideas 21312 Women of NASA · 2244 days ago
Episode 49: Steve Vassallo + The Way to Design
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The Way To Design: Steve Vassallo: 9780692927120: Books
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The New Series A Fundraising Playbook for Seed-Funded Startups
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Popovich stresses importance of change - ESPN Video
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Colleges Move to Close Gender Gap in Science
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The Curry of Your Convictions – Dave Pell – Medium
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Steve Vassallo, Designer, Entrepreneur, and Investor – Making Ways · 2272 days ago
Steve Vassallo, Designer, Entrepreneur, and Investor
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Design Thinking Needs To Think Bigger
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