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This Guy Sued a Spam Texter and Got $1,200 (and You Can Too)
vice · 710 days ago
Annual Technology Showcase highlights innovation big and small
mv-voice · 718 days ago
The Metaverse is a Bad Idea
dweekly.medium · 751 days ago
The Fastest ISPs of 2022
pcmag · 754 days ago
Space.com: NASA, Space Exploration and Astronomy News
space · 1254 days ago
Is LaMDA Sentient? — an Interview
cajundiscordian.medium · 763 days ago
GitHub - NVIDIA/open-gpu-kernel-modules: NVIDIA Linux open GPU kernel module source
github · 794 days ago
r/funny - He did a little trolling
reddit · 795 days ago
Speech to Text API | Speech Recognition Service - Rev AI
rev.ai · 800 days ago
Premium Man doing Seated Cable Row Workout Lottie Animation download in JSON, LOTTIE or MP4 format
iconscout · 811 days ago
Acute hepatitis of unknown aetiology – the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
who.int · 820 days ago
Mobile App | LEGOLAND California Resort
legoland · 840 days ago
Together we can support Ukraine relief efforts.
google · 850 days ago
Why We Built Howdy
dweekly.medium · 856 days ago
Howdy - Voice chat that's faster and more personal | Product Hunt
producthunt · 856 days ago
Support Jason Koering After a Fall, organized by David E. Weekly
gofundme · 864 days ago
Help Jamie Fight Brain Cancer, organized by David E. Weekly
gofundme · 864 days ago
Oppo demos 240 W smartphone charging, takes a phone to full in 9 minutes
arstechnica · 865 days ago
World's First Hydraulic Drone Promises Six-Hour, Non-Stop Flights Over 500 Miles
gizmodo · 869 days ago
The Enduring Mystery of 'Jawn,' Philadelphia's All-Purpose Noun
atlasobscura · 914 days ago
Daveed Diggs - Puppy for Hanukkah
youtube · 1317 days ago
Visualizing Countries by Share of Earth’s Surface
visualcapitalist · 935 days ago
Ten Gig Is Here.
dweekly.medium · 950 days ago
Rebuild from Bitcode fails on watchOS · Issue #251 · apple/swift-nio-ssl
github · 967 days ago
Rebuild from Bitcode fails on watchOS · Issue #999 · grpc/grpc-swift
github · 967 days ago
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Malware Campaign Deploys Godzilla Webshells To Flatten Healthcare, Defense And Energy Systems
hothardware · 978 days ago
r/nextfuckinglevel - This guy stopped a fight by using a pizza.
reddit · 983 days ago
CW3E AR Update: 20 October 2021 Outlook – Center for Western Weather and Water Extremes
cw3e.ucsd.edu · 997 days ago
Moving AdSense to a first-price auction
blog.google · 1011 days ago
Facebook - Log In or Sign Up
facebook · 2621 days ago
GitHub - MojtabaHs/iPhoneNumberField: Elegant SwiftUI phone number textField.
github · 1017 days ago
DroneSeed’s Acquisition of Silvaseed First Step in Scaling Reforestation
cheddar · 1028 days ago
SCRUB: Astra Test Flight Scrubbed (Launch Vehicle 0006)
youtube · 1051 days ago
Quesadilla Explosion (part 4 of The Raining Tacos Saga) - Parry Gripp - Animation by BooneBum
youtube · 1059 days ago
Dug the T-Rex comes back to Redwood City home
smdailyjournal · 1065 days ago
BepiColombo’s journey to Mercury
youtube · 1069 days ago
Parts of Lake Tahoe closed after chipmunks test positive for plague
nbcnews · 1075 days ago
Virgin Galactic
virgingalactic · 1099 days ago
Pope: Market capitalism has failed in pandemic, needs reform
apnews · 1378 days ago
U.S. Quietly Slips Out Of Afghanistan In Dead Of Night
theonion · 1100 days ago
Managing secrets for Kubernetes pods
redhat · 1105 days ago
GitHub Copilot · Your AI pair programmer
copilot.github · 1111 days ago
A new plant-based tuna is coming to restaurants in 2022 | Engadget
engadget · 1130 days ago
Neanderthal DNA in Modern Human Genomes Is Not Silent
the-scientist · 1135 days ago
Tank Turn | Electric Adventure Vehicles | Rivian
youtube · 1623 days ago
Fish talk to each other, researcher finds
phys · 1160 days ago
(Re)Building a Hackerspace post pandemic with David Weekly and Mitch Altman
meetup · 1163 days ago
ETERNALS Official Teaser (2021) Angelina Jolie, Marvel Movie HD
youtube · 1167 days ago
Nintendo sues Bowser for violating copyright with Switch hacks | Engadget
engadget · 1182 days ago
Cyrus' First Story: Dr Pots Noodles
maxs.substack · 1194 days ago
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