Caitlin Strandberg
Inside the Mind of a NYC VC: Caitlin Strandberg of Lerer Hippeau - AlleyWatch
alleywatch · 898 days ago
Talks at GS: Malcolm Gladwell on the Art of Storytelling – From Print to Podcasts
youtube · 898 days ago
Big Jet Plane
open.spotify · 917 days ago
Consideration - Recorded At Spotify Studios NYC
open.spotify · 953 days ago
Aircraft Carriers, Death Stars and Why “Seed is the New A” (Director’s Cut) - Wing · 981 days ago
I Am the One Woman Who Has It All
newyorker · 992 days ago
Did I Offend You?
open.spotify · 999 days ago
How Janelle Monáe Found Her Voice
nytimes · 1002 days ago
Imports and Exports: Behind the Scenes at the Port of Los Angeles
youtube · 1015 days ago
open.spotify · 1130 days ago
Walmart is looking at buying PillPack, an online pharmacy, for under $1 billion
cnbc · 1019 days ago
Maggie Rogers - Alaska - Song Exploder · 1026 days ago
The Grinds: Best Buy, other retailers crack down on returns, Duty-free airport retail thrives, ASOS stands out with its product descriptions, West Elm sells experiences with local artists
loosethreads · 1030 days ago
New sexual assault report system coming to tech
axios · 1031 days ago
Meditation App Headspace Inks Content Partnership with NBA
wsj · 1032 days ago
What I’ll Be Doing While My Roommate Runs a Marathon
newyorker · 1034 days ago
South by Southwest Music Festival: 17 Acts That Stood Out
nytimes · 1034 days ago
Make Me Feel
open.spotify · 1043 days ago
Justworks raises $40M to build a simpler business operations suite
techcrunch · 1046 days ago
Tricks for Staying Deliriously Happy All Winter
newyorker · 1077 days ago
'Class-passing': how do you learn the rules of being rich?
theguardian · 1077 days ago
Announcing Yes VC
caterina · 1087 days ago
Ledger raises another $75 million to become the leader in cryptocurrency hardware wallets
techcrunch · 1093 days ago
Joining Collaborative Fund
collaborativefund · 1095 days ago
Everyone Is Getting Hilariously Rich and You’re Not
nytimes · 1098 days ago
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Come on Over to My Place, Sister Girlfriend, and We’ll Co-Work
nytimes · 1098 days ago
Buying Drake, Kanye West Songs With Cryptocurrency Lets Artists Control Royalties
ibtimes · 1100 days ago
Toyota Launches New Mobility Ecosystem and Concept Vehicle at 2018 CES® | Corporate · 1101 days ago
What the rise of the smart speaker might mean for podcasts (and on-demand audio in general)
niemanlab · 1102 days ago
Book Your Calendar
nytimes · 1107 days ago
Exclusive: Spotify files for its IPO
axios · 1108 days ago
Blockchains and health care: promising though no silver bullet
statnews · 1108 days ago
Coachella 2018 Lineup Playlist, a playlist by Coachella on Spotify
open.spotify · 1108 days ago
Silicon Valley elites are spending $60 for less than 3 gallons of dangerous, unfiltered water — and it's flying off the shelves
businessinsider · 1108 days ago
Strandby's 17 for '17, a playlist by Caitlin Strandberg on Spotify
open.spotify · 1111 days ago
Annie Leibovitz on 5 Images That Have Shaped Her Career
vogue · 1120 days ago
These Are the 10 Most Instagrammed Tourist Attractions of 2017
travelandleisure · 1122 days ago
Let’s be Transparent about Transparency – Hacker Noon
hackernoon · 1122 days ago
The best music of 2017
hypem · 1125 days ago
Alexa skills top 25,000 in the U.S. as new launches slow
techcrunch · 1126 days ago
Why Trying New Things Is So Hard to Do
nytimes · 1133 days ago
Introducing NYC Female Founder Office Hours – Female Founder Office Hours – Medium
medium · 1135 days ago
Greta Gerwig wrote perfect fan letters to get music rights for "Lady Bird"
work.qz · 1136 days ago
Coming Full Circle: Joining FirstMark Capital – Beth Ferreira – Medium
medium · 1137 days ago
Your Top Songs 2017, a playlist by Spotify
open.spotify · 1137 days ago
Christiane Amanpour to replace Charlie Rose on PBS
thehill · 1138 days ago
For founders and investors, it’s time for some ‘real talk’ about money
techcrunch · 1138 days ago
Kiran Gandhi, Former M.I.A. Drummer, Releases Feminist Music Project
nytimes · 1145 days ago
Puppies Are Forever
open.spotify · 1151 days ago
There’s no shame in a $100M startup
techcrunch · 1340 days ago
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