Caterina Fake
San Francisco Politics, PG&E
caterina · 30 days ago
Soundcheck is on a mission to make the web voice-first · 40 days ago
Why I Haven’t Gone Back to SCOTUS Since Kavanaugh
slate · 41 days ago
How a Veteran Reporter Worked with Giuliani’s Associates to Launch the Ukraine Conspiracy
propublica · 45 days ago
PurpleAir | Real Time Air Quality Monitoring
www2.purpleair · 45 days ago
Working to Benefit Society, Not Just Companies
nytimes · 49 days ago
Ronan Farrow Depicts a Chilling Cover-up at NBC
thecut · 61 days ago
At least 11 elephants died trying to save a calf that plunged into a waterfall and drowned
washingtonpost · 65 days ago
A Study of 2.7 Million Startups Found the Ideal Age to Start a Business (and It's Much Older Than You Think)
inc · 68 days ago
Poll: Two-thirds of Americans want to break up companies like Amazon and Google
vox · 84 days ago
Facebook: actually, we do listen to you sometimes
futurism · 85 days ago
Pet Supplies, Accessories and Products Online | PetSmart
petsmart · 967 days ago
Thinking Like a Volcano and Other Advice for Feminists
progressive · 89 days ago
Harvard says it will return $186K that's left of Jeffrey Epstein's $8.9 million+ donation
newsweek · 90 days ago
The FBI is investigating a venture capital fund started by Peter Thiel for financial misconduct
vox · 91 days ago
17: Tokenism - Rosabeth Moss Kanter - Talking About Organizations Podcast
talkingaboutorganizations · 91 days ago
A Yosemite Falls rainbow in real-time | The Kid Should See This
thekidshouldseethis · 94 days ago
How An Élite University Research Center Concealed Its Relationship with Jeffrey Epstein
newyorker · 96 days ago
Gas Station Roses
open.spotify · 97 days ago
Pinterest makes aggressive new move in fight against vaccine misinformation | Vaccines and immunisation | The Guardian
theguardian · 106 days ago
Jeffrey Epstein’s Victims, Denied a Trial, Vent Their Fury at a Hearing
nytimes · 107 days ago
“This is where people can learn to rely on each other”
caterina · 119 days ago
Planting a Trillion Trees
caterina · 132 days ago
A Racist in the White House
newyorker · 149 days ago
Mark Lombardi - Wikipedia
en.wikipedia · 154 days ago
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Charity Navigator - Your Guide To Intelligent Giving | Home
charitynavigator · 154 days ago
Accused Sex Trafficker Epstein Supported Many Boston-Area Causes — Several At Harvard
wbur · 154 days ago
Nude Photos of Girls Seized From Jeffrey Epstein Mansion
nytimes · 156 days ago
Humans don’t actually want to be immortal, we just want to be forever young
qz · 168 days ago
What Poverty Taught Me About Being ‘Too Generous’
humanparts.medium · 170 days ago
‘There Is a Stench’: No Soap and Overcrowding in Detention Centers for Migrant Children
nytimes · 173 days ago
Your logical fallacy is ad hominem
yourlogicalfallacyis · 172 days ago
Opinion | Don’t Tell Me When I’m Going to Die
nytimes · 172 days ago
How Much of Google's Search Traffic is Left for Anyone But Themselves? | SparkToro
sparktoro · 177 days ago
YouTube’s algorithm makes it easy for pedophiles to find more videos of children
technologyreview · 189 days ago
Save the Endangered Vaquita - Porpoise Conservation Society
porpoise · 190 days ago
Why does Beijing suddenly care about AI ethics?
technologyreview · 194 days ago
Opinion | The Feminist Podcast That Lets You Eavesdrop on Mothers in Therapy
nytimes · 194 days ago
GM fungus 'kills 99% of malaria mosquitoes'
bbc · 195 days ago
The First Public Schools In The US Will Start Using Facial Recognition Next Week
buzzfeednews · 196 days ago
Salesforce @salesforce · 196 days ago
‎Should This Exist?: Woebot: A virtual therapist powered by AI on Apple Podcasts · 219 days ago
The Believer Festival
caterina · 223 days ago
Search Twitter - filter:follows -filter:replies
twitter · 223 days ago
Should This Exist?
open.spotify · 223 days ago
A global debate is raging about the perils and promise of sculpting evolution
qz · 224 days ago
What Amazon knows about you
axios · 224 days ago
Banana Bread-Chocolate Chunk Cookies Recipe on Food52
food52 · 224 days ago
A Comic Novel Reunites a Damaged Dad and His Recalcitrant Offspring
nytimes · 227 days ago
When a Country Bans Social Media
theatlantic · 233 days ago
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