Roger Ehrenberg
Silver linings
medium · 2 days ago
Some thoughts on team size, burn and runway at the seed stage
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Default Alive or Default Dead?
paulgraham · 226 days ago
Coronavirus: The Black Swan of 2020
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Breaking News: Michigan Ross to Offer New STEM Track for Full-Time MBA Students · 29 days ago
The Trade Desk | Programmatic, Explained
thetradedesk · 29 days ago
Why I Love Seed Stage Investing - Howard Lindzon
howardlindzon · 52 days ago
The Long Buy - AVC
avc · 56 days ago
Building seed stage partnership
medium · 56 days ago
Here are the top 10 best performing venture funds that launched at the turn of the decade, which posted returns as high as 50%
businessinsider · 61 days ago
IA Ventures — OG seed, Fund IV and more of the same
medium · 74 days ago
medium · 75 days ago
Havas Tests Zeotap And InfoSum Data Partnership As Agencies Enter Onboarding | AdExchanger
adexchanger · 76 days ago
Opinion | No More Phones and Other Tech Predictions for the Next Decade
nytimes · 88 days ago
The 2010s: Stuck in the Past
continuations · 89 days ago
Twitter and Microsoft show data privacy is moving from sticking point to selling point
venturebeat · 99 days ago
Grinding – AVC
avc · 120 days ago
Banking on the Future: Why our most hated institutions will become our most beloved - Andreessen Horowitz
a16z · 128 days ago
More Cowbell - SNL
youtube · 129 days ago
Small satellite startup Kepler opens sign-ups for its IoT developer kits – TechCrunch
techcrunch · 150 days ago
TransferWise is expanding in the Middle East with a new Abu Dhabi license
cnbc · 160 days ago
UK ‘unicorn’ TransferWise taps business demand to lift profits
ft · 194 days ago
Mortgage Lender Grows Series C Funding Round to $160M
fortune · 223 days ago
The Long Engagement – AVC
avc · 225 days ago
Ethyca raises $4.2M to simplify GDPR compliance – TechCrunch
techcrunch · 248 days ago
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Parenting – AVC
avc · 252 days ago
Welcome to the TransferWise Q2 2019 Mission Update
transferwise · 256 days ago
One Mistake Led This Entrepreneur To Build A $3.5 Billion Business
forbes · 274 days ago
UConn SS comes out of nowhere to make great catch - ESPN Video
espn · 303 days ago
The Empty Promise of Data Moats
a16z · 325 days ago
blog.aweissman · 327 days ago
Roger Ehrenberg on Instagram: “Gang. #iaventures #family #chilithedog #plantwall”
instagram · 347 days ago
Opinion | Tiger Woods and the Game of Life
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Payroll software provider pilots use of blockchain in human resources
computerweekly · 357 days ago
The 2019 Midas Brink List: Meet Venture Capital's Up-And-Comers
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Building a seed stage venture firm – Roger Ehrenberg – Medium
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Estonia is running its country like a tech company
qz · 400 days ago
Roger Ehrenberg on Instagram: “For real, am I right? #compassion #kindness #goodkarma”
instagram · 401 days ago
The Lesson from the Amazon HQ2 Fiasco
continuations · 409 days ago
The Amazon Backlash – AVC
avc · 410 days ago
We didn’t see this coming · 411 days ago
Built for now or built to last? – Roger Ehrenberg – Medium
medium · 417 days ago
What Impossible Meant to Feynman - Issue 68: Context - Nautilus · 420 days ago
If San Francisco is so great, why is everyone I love leaving?
sf.curbed · 420 days ago
Bill Gates Made These 15 Predictions Back in 1999 -- and It's Scary How Accurate He Was
businessinsider · 420 days ago
Top 25 IoT Startups to Watch In 2019
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What a dropout disrupter can learn from an MBA
ft · 427 days ago
The mistake that led to a £1.2bn business · 427 days ago
Fund Investing Versus Fund Management · 434 days ago
Why do VCs insist on only investing in high-risk, high-return companies?
reactionwheel · 443 days ago
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