Greg Emerson
Why Do Rich People Love Quiet?
theatlantic · 7 days ago
Liberty No More
theatlantic · 91 days ago
Publisher Le Monde's Plan to Increase English-Speaking Subscribers
adweek · 96 days ago
This Is How America’s Culture War Death Spirals
theatlantic · 97 days ago
Liberation Without Victory
theatlantic · 113 days ago
Lydia Polgreen returns to The Times as an Opinion columnist | The New York Times Company
nytco · 117 days ago
How to Want Less
theatlantic · 173 days ago
One by One, My Friends Were Sent to the Camps
theatlantic · 389 days ago
Are Jews a Race?
newsletters.theatlantic · 187 days ago
The Battle Hymn of the Republic
theatlantic · 187 days ago
Wordle Is Joining The New York Times Games | The New York Times Company
nytco · 188 days ago
I Figured Out Wordle’s Secret
theatlantic · 189 days ago
Turns Out the Diamond Skull That Damien Hirst and White Cube Said They Sold for $100 Million in 2007 Still Belongs to Them
news.artnet · 192 days ago
Wait, What?
newsletters.theatlantic · 278 days ago
Hard Work Isn’t the Point of the Office
theatlantic · 318 days ago
The Extreme Art of Putting Ads in Articles
building.theatlantic · 321 days ago
I have come to bury Knewz, not to praise it
niemanlab · 389 days ago
Journalism’s Value is Completely Divorced From Its Worth in the Marketplace, Exhibit DCXXIV: The case of the $1,814 screenshot
niemanlab · 507 days ago
150 Years Ago Brooklyn Renumbered All Its Streets. It Was a Disaster.
nytimes · 556 days ago
An sneak peak at power mapping, 2073’s top innovation
niemanlab · 580 days ago
Video: How the Police Killed Breonna Taylor
nytimes · 586 days ago
Opinion | Facebook’s Tone-Deaf Attack on Apple
nytimes · 597 days ago
America Still Thinks It’s the Election Police
theatlantic · 639 days ago
What’s Going On With Mitch McConnell’s Hands?
slate · 653 days ago
Perspective | Joe Biden’s campaign, summed up in one simple gesture
washingtonpost · 669 days ago
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The Atlantic Festival
theatlantic · 685 days ago
Help Amy McGrath Beat Mitch McConnell
secure.actblue · 688 days ago
Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Champion Of Gender Equality, Dies At 87
npr · 688 days ago
Innovating from Home: Maker Week at The New York Times
open.nytimes · 713 days ago
What helped Ed Yong write the sentence of the year? - Poynter
poynter · 726 days ago
Facebook Fired An Employee Who Collected Evidence Of Right-Wing Pages Getting Preferential Treatment
buzzfeednews · 730 days ago
Opinion | The Wealthy Can't Stop Not Paying Their Taxes
nytimes · 753 days ago
Gorgeous Photos Reimagine Disney Princesses As 'Black Urban Royalty' · 783 days ago
New York Times Opinion Chief James Bennet Resigns After 'Send In The Troops' Op-Ed
huffpost · 791 days ago
Donald Trump Is Trying to Start a Race War
rollingstone · 796 days ago
r/PublicFreakout - This is America
reddit · 796 days ago
r/bestof - u/metamaoz provides evidence that the police are planting bricks to instigate violence
reddit · 797 days ago
Amy Cooper Knew Exactly What She Was Doing
huffpost · 803 days ago
Quartz CEO Seward: We're closing office spaces, execs cutting salaries by 20% - Talking Biz News
talkingbiznews · 815 days ago
Opinion | Obamagate was the worst crime ever committed and here is what it was
washingtonpost · 816 days ago
Tax change in coronavirus package overwhelmingly benefits millionaires, congressional body finds
washingtonpost · 845 days ago
Reply All's The Case of the Missing Hit: could this be the best podcast episode ever?
theguardian · 879 days ago
Stop. Stop the Presses
medium · 918 days ago
Hamilton Boardman to Lead Newsroom Product Desk | The New York Times Company
nytco · 925 days ago
A Ugandan Climate Activist Was Cropped Out Of A News Agency Photo Of Greta Thunberg At Davos
buzzfeednews · 925 days ago
Google’s ads just look like search results now
theverge · 928 days ago
News apps fall further behind
niemanlab · 943 days ago
Death to bothsidesism
niemanlab · 948 days ago
HuffPost redesigns and further separates the personal and the political
niemanlab · 1006 days ago
What if Donald Trump Is Just Blind?
slate · 1009 days ago
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