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Gates Makes Largest Donation Since 2000 With $4.6 Billion Pledge
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Why 9:41 AM is always the time displayed on iPhones and iPads
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India Proved That Madison Was Right About Federalism
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GRAPHIC: Pedestrians struck by car after Unite the Right rally
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Uber employees fear layoffs as the company plans to shut down its 500-employee car leasing unit
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Human-Centered Machine Learning – Google Design – Medium
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Tesla Rolls Out Its First Model 3, and It’s Elon’s
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This woman didn't fit the profile of a Facebook engineer — and now she's helping the social network re-examine who it hires and why
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Amazon to Buy Whole Foods in $13.7 Billion Deal
nytimes · 2296 days ago
Putin offers Comey 'asylum' during annual call-in show
cnn · 2296 days ago
Uber’s Michael Is Said to Blame Board, Not Behavior, for Ouster
bloomberg · 2299 days ago
Wal-Mart Asks Employees to Deliver Packages on Their Way Home
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Roger Ailes, perhaps the most destructive force in American politics in the last 50 years, is dead.
newrepublic · 2325 days ago
Blum walks out of interview with TV9
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Jürgen Klinsmann - Top 5 Goals
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Why That Orange Is the New Black Leak Was Never Going to Pay Off
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Why did Earth’s surface temperature stop rising in the past decade? | NOAA · 2342 days ago
How Complacent Are You? Take the Quiz
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Apple is in talks to launch its own Venmo
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Clan Sinclair - ROSEBUD works! Donald Trump discusses his thoughts on the classic film Citizen Kane
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General McChrystal On Killing Al Zarqawi
youtube · 2346 days ago
Instagram is growing faster than ever and now has 700 million users
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Berkeley Campus On Lockdown After Loose Pages From ‘Wall Street Journal’ Found On Park Bench
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Facebook and the Cost of Monopoly
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Here’s What Mark Zuckerberg Told Us About The Wild Things Facebook’s New Camera Will Do
buzzfeed · 2354 days ago
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Adidas under fire for sending 'you survived the Boston Marathon' email
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A Twisted Tale of Rent Control in the Maximum City - Marginal REVOLUTION
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Alan Kay's answer to What made Xerox PARC special? Who else today is like them? - Quora
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A Cow-llision Alert System for Driving in India · 2357 days ago
Why bots aren’t the real AI disruption – Textio Word Nerd · 2359 days ago Good Strategy Bad Strategy: The Difference and Why It Matters (9780307886231): Richard Rumelt: Books
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Computer programmers may no longer be eligible for H-1B visas
axios · 2370 days ago
Why we need a Ram Temple in Ayodhya
blogs.timesofindia.indiatimes · 2370 days ago
Magnus (2016)
imdb · 2377 days ago
Mike Allen interviews Steve Mnuchin (live updates)
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Chelsea Clinton Announces New Picture Book, 'She Persisted'
ew · 2385 days ago
Study: Immigrants Founded 51% of U.S. Billion-Dollar Startups
blogs.wsj · 2391 days ago
Booklights - Product Hunt
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The American Health Care Act: The Republicans’ bill to replace Obamacare, explained
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Uber Chief Travis Kalanick Rides Out Recent Storms
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Chatbot that overturned 160,000 parking fines now helping refugees claim asylum
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Analysis | Why Mike Pence’s private email account is way different from Hillary Clinton’s
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Jeff Sessions Used Political Funds for Republican Convention Expenses
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In Video, Uber's CEO Argues With a Driver Over Falling Fares
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Want to Be More Productive? Sit Next to Someone Who Is
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Arianna Huffington said she will hold Uber’s ‘leadership team’s feet to the fire’ over sexual harassment controversy
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What I Heard From Trump Supporters
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