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Which VR usability heuristics should I use? – Virtual Reality Pop
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‘SpongeBob Squarepants’ Creator Stephen Hillenburg Dies at 57
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San Francisco will open a winter-themed park, ice rink at Civic Center in November
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Do you remember
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Design Titles: Designer and Founder (Microsoft, Imgur, Purple)
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Hosting a VR workshop without VR rigs – Chris Gallello – Medium
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VFX artist shows you how BIG SpaceX rockets REALLY are!
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Where is VR headed? Investors share insights on the industry’s trajectory
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Introducing Moment: The Easiest Way to Prototype in VR/AR
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The Violet Society - Product Hunt
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Don’t Be a Rockstar & Other Pro-tips for New UX Designers
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Vanilla price rise hits ice-cream makers · 405 days ago
"The Design Process for your Team" with Chris Gallello
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File:NavigationPopups V1.pdf - MediaWiki
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Page Previews - MediaWiki
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Page Previews/2017-18 A/B Tests - MediaWiki
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How to Plan Projects as a Product Manager by former Microsoft PM
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Purple Reign! This SaaS tool is king for corralling a collective design process seamlessly.
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Room Scale Designers
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I’m selfishly teaching design to my engineers – Purple Design – Medium
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This is a really good list of things to listen out for as areas to keep the group more focused and…
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Ambient Intimacy · 494 days ago
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LIVE: Space X News Conference after SUCCESSFUL Falcon Heavy Launch, Most Powerful Rocket
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Falcon Heavy Test Flight - Countdown Net Audio
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How do you picture a year in your mind? • r/AskReddit
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Mr Rogers Goodbye
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Q&A: How can digital designers mix RGB colors more effectively?
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Tools for Thinking and Tools for Systems | CSS-Tricks
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Creating smooth CSS animations — even with a heavy DOM
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Versett - Diversity & Inclusivity Report for 2017
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Oprah Winfrey Receives the Cecil B. DeMille Award - Golden Globes 2018
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Better with Friends: Oculus Rift and HTC Vive Owners Can Now Hang Out in Facebook Spaces
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Compressing videos and GIFs the right way – Purple Design – Medium
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Owen Wilson Says WOW - (PART 1) - Complete
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Being an Evidence Evangelist as a Designer – Purple Design – Medium
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Inside The Great Poop Emoji Feud
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