John Lilly
HBO has ordered a science fiction series from Joss Whedon
theverge · 625 days ago
The best photos of the 2018 World Cup
edition.cnn · 632 days ago
Atoms – ideal everyday shoes
youtube · 632 days ago
Atoms - Product Hunt
producthunt · 790 days ago
Exclusive: Trump administration considering separating women,...
reuters · 650 days ago
America’s allies should respond to steel tariffs with targeted sanctions on the Trump Organization
vox · 659 days ago
Trump says Kim meeting will be about ‘attitude,’ not prep work
politico · 661 days ago
The Problem with Dull Knives: What’s the Defense Department got to do with Code for America?
medium · 663 days ago
The story of Yuhki and Yixin, and Uber’s tracker to end all trackers. · 668 days ago
The 9.9 Percent Is the New American Aristocracy
theatlantic · 680 days ago
Why I’m Joining Crew – Mike Shore – Medium
medium · 678 days ago
Just in Time
asymco · 690 days ago
I’m Not Black, I’m Kanye
theatlantic · 693 days ago
Our Investment in Solv: Health Care in the Last-Second Economy
news.greylock · 692 days ago
Giuliani: It is possible Michael Cohen paid off other women for Trump
washingtonpost · 693 days ago
Trump leads National Day of Prayer event after saying he repaid lawyer for hush money to porn star
cnbc · 696 days ago
What will our players thank us for? – Mark Pincus – Medium
medium · 697 days ago
Product Manager, GetCalFresh
codeforamerica · 1080 days ago
What the @#$%! Americans can’t get through the day without cursing
nypost · 710 days ago
Broadband advisor picked by FCC Chairman Ajit Pai arrested on fraud charges
theverge · 713 days ago
S.C. Republicans introduce bill to consider secession over gun rights
thehill · 723 days ago
Apply to join Code for America’s Community Fellowship Pilot
medium · 726 days ago
Desperately seeking squircles – Figma Design
blog.figma · 727 days ago
Outline for a Dostoyevsky Novel – fathominfo – Medium
medium · 731 days ago
California Judge Rules Coffee Must Carry Cancer Warning
wsj · 731 days ago
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Preview of Stocks and Geography, New Data Types in Excel · 731 days ago
The Evolution of Tools · 738 days ago
John Hennessy and David Patterson will receive the 2017 ACM A.M. Turing Award
acm · 740 days ago
Dying for a Paycheck - Jeffrey Pfeffer
jeffreypfeffer · 740 days ago
Our Investment in Callisto – Greylock Perspectives
news.greylock · 740 days ago
‘What The F*ck?’ Former Trump Aide Sam Nunberg’s Mueller Meltdown Leaves Friends Petrified
thedailybeast · 755 days ago
Special counsel wants documents from Trump, numerous campaign associates
nbcnews · 756 days ago
Pence: Abortion will end in U.S. 'in our time'
thehill · 761 days ago
Figma prototyping: now with transitions – Figma Design
blog.figma · 761 days ago
Google Learning Center · 762 days ago
Sources: Sean Miller talked payment on wiretap
espn · 765 days ago
Paul Manafort’s downfall aided by his inability to convert a PDF into a Word doc
theverge · 765 days ago
Mueller charges 13 Russian nationals with interfering in 2016 election
politico · 772 days ago
Aaron Draplin: "Pretty Much Everything" | Talks at Google
youtube · 778 days ago
Kelly asks WH staff to say he took 'immediate and direct action' on Porter: report
thehill · 779 days ago
Congress stumbles into second shutdown
politico · 780 days ago
From Bubble to Bubble – Sahil Lavingia – Medium
medium · 781 days ago
House memo states disputed dossier was key to FBI’s FISA warrant to surveil members of Team Trump
foxnews · 786 days ago
Washington may be shaking its head, but Devin Nunes is still a hometown hero
latimes · 788 days ago
Cardinal Conversations: Reid Hoffman And Peter Thiel On "Technology And Politics" Moderated By Niall Ferguson
hoover · 788 days ago
Introducing: Caffeine – Ben Keighran – Medium
medium · 789 days ago
Our Investment in Caffeine – Greylock Perspectives
news.greylock · 789 days ago
Introducing Nuro, Robotics For Everyday Life – Greylock Perspectives
news.greylock · 790 days ago
Over Heard – Ben Fry – Medium
medium · 791 days ago
Extensions in Firefox 59
blog.mozilla · 793 days ago
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