John Lilly
@johnolilly on Instagram: “Sunrise at SFO. On my way to MGM (!). Will write about that tomorrow :)”
instagram · 417 days ago
US arms sold to Saudi Arabia and UAE end up in wrong hands
cnn · 419 days ago
Ahoy Twilio SendGrid – Ideas from Bain Capital Ventures – Medium
medium · 419 days ago
Advice for new General Counsels (GCs)
bricoleur · 419 days ago
Super Bowl Halftime Show Marred By Functioning Sound System
sports.theonion · 420 days ago
Handmaid’s trailer says it’s ‘morning again in America’
theverge · 420 days ago
Spurs Coyote catches loose bat - ESPN Video
espn · 421 days ago
Cory 2020
corybooker · 422 days ago
Wall Display v2 Plus
shop.dakboard · 427 days ago · 430 days ago
Why the Wingdings font exists
vox · 432 days ago
@johnolilly on Instagram: “New Brass Band - super fun”
instagram · 435 days ago
12 Words from the Wrong Side of the Law : Suborn
merriam-webster · 437 days ago
Some Personal News…
johnolilly · 437 days ago
@johnolilly on Instagram: “Weekend mornings around here: workout for me, Premiere League for Z. Life is good.”
instagram · 443 days ago
@johnolilly on Instagram: “Lots going on here in this Barca v Star Wars tie, but let’s just say things are not going well for Leo.”
instagram · 449 days ago
'Holy Cow, No One's Done This!'
forbes · 452 days ago
@johnolilly on Instagram: “It is hard to drink in this outfit. Happy New Year!”
instagram · 454 days ago
Rush . Between The Wheels (HD)
youtube · 454 days ago
Code for America asks public for ideas that transform government
statescoop · 465 days ago
Coinbase + Figma Testimonial
youtube · 466 days ago
Staying president greatly decreases Trump's chances of indictment
cnn · 475 days ago
github · 479 days ago
Bose’s $199 audio-based AR sunglasses are available for preorder
theverge · 481 days ago
The Digital Maginot Line
ribbonfarm · 484 days ago
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Justice Ginsburg hospitalized after fracturing ribs in fall
cnn · 507 days ago
Figma year in review: 2018 – Figma Design
blog.figma · 509 days ago
The Biggest Mistakes Bosses Make When Making Decisions—and How to Avoid Them
wsj · 513 days ago
@johnolilly on Instagram: “Family.”
instagram · 515 days ago
To turn docs into apps, Coda had to rethink productivity from scratch
fastcompany · 528 days ago
Saudi Arabia Weighs Blaming Intelligence Official for Khashoggi Killing
nytimes · 528 days ago
a16z Podcast: From Research to Startup, There and Back Again - a16z · 537 days ago
Gumshoe Rules
inkshares · 550 days ago
Introducing Oculus Quest, Our First 6DOF All-in-One VR System, Launching Spring 2019
oculus · 550 days ago
Apple completes Shazam acquisition, will make app ad-free for everyone
theverge · 552 days ago
Ben Carson ties Kavanaugh allegation to centuries-old socialist group
cnn · 555 days ago
New Partners. New Funding. New Content Studio. New Hires.
medium · 571 days ago
Prop 13 Reform Initiative Makes History, Submits for Spot on 2020 Ballot
medium · 574 days ago
Gravitational waves could collide sucking Earth into a black hole
newsweek · 577 days ago
San Francisco shuns Bird and Lime in scooter permit picks
axios · 577 days ago
Data Scientist - Analytics - - Career Page
dosomething.applytojob · 592 days ago
YC China + Qi Lu
blog.ycombinator · 593 days ago
Newton Mail is shutting down in September
theverge · 596 days ago
The Ringer’s 100 Best TV Episodes of The Century
besttv.theringer · 608 days ago
The Decline and Fall of Diet Coke and the Power Generation That Loved It
newyorker · 608 days ago
WATCH: Surveillance video shows trio stealing shark by disguising it as a baby
ksat · 608 days ago
Zephyr Teachout, running for state attorney general, vows probe into Google, Facebook 'duopoly' over news ad revenue - NY Daily News
nydailynews · 613 days ago
Trump, citing politics, looking to revoke security clearances
cnn · 615 days ago
Radiotopia-Radiotopia Podcast Network- Podcasts- · 617 days ago
WH entertaining Russian proposal to interrogate Americans
cnn · 620 days ago
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