John Lilly
RECENTLY SHARED | California State Portal · 1137 days ago
WeWork HR Invites Employees To Sign Goodbye Checks For Departing CEO
theonion · 1140 days ago
Mental Health is Workplace Health
medium · 1148 days ago
Trump says he worries about the stain impeachment will leave on his legacy
axios · 1157 days ago
White House restricted access to Trump's calls with Putin and Saudi crown prince
cnn · 1166 days ago
Some thoughts on the Impeachment inquiry
bijansabet · 1168 days ago
Yahoo redesigns its logo to remind you that Yahoo exists
theverge · 1170 days ago
Opinion | Donald Trump vs. the United States of America
nytimes · 1171 days ago
Building the Next Big Thing: 25 Years of MIT's Media Lab
wired · 1171 days ago
Lumos Helmet - A Next Generation Bicycle Helmet · 1177 days ago
Home - TopFunnel · 1178 days ago
America’s First Taco Editor Says That Burritos Are Actually Tacos
newyorker · 1181 days ago
How human-centered is our social safety net? - Code for America
codeforamerica · 1188 days ago
Andrew Luck Gave Up Fame, Riches, and Football Because He Is Unapologetically Himself
theringer · 1199 days ago
The BJR climate impact report card
medium · 1202 days ago
Most states still aren’t set to audit paper ballots in 2020
theverge · 1206 days ago
Uber Design Platform
medium · 1211 days ago
James Birchler posted on LinkedIn
linkedin · 1215 days ago
Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble - Texas Flood (Official Live From Austin, TX)
youtube · 1224 days ago
Clockwise for Slack - Tame the chaos of work | Product Hunt
producthunt · 1225 days ago
Russell Westbrook Is Gone: A Sad Farewell to an Oklahoma Icon
theringer · 1243 days ago
Perspective | Forget the tanks. Trump’s violation of the Lincoln Memorial is the real offense.
washingtonpost · 1251 days ago
So the President F*cking Hates My Girlfriend | By Sue Bird
theplayerstribune · 1253 days ago
Opinion | The Law©?
nytimes · 1259 days ago
Time for Clockwise
news.greylock · 1268 days ago
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Opinion | The End of the Polling Booth
nytimes · 1274 days ago
@johnolilly on Instagram: “Dawn, heading to Galaxy’s Edge. Nobody else in the park yet!”
instagram · 1274 days ago
Apple’s top spec Mac Pro will likely cost at least $35,000
theverge · 1282 days ago
Interest form: Director of the California Office of Digital Innovation · 1283 days ago
North Korea's Kim Jong Un carrying out purge after Hanoi summit...
reuters · 1286 days ago
Voting for transparency – Increment: Open Source
increment · 1291 days ago
Making Government Work: The Next Ten Years (and some news)
medium · 1293 days ago
Clash Between Trump and House Democrats Poses Threat to Constitutional Order
nytimes · 1308 days ago
Meghan Markle and Prince Harry to choose UNUSUAL name for baby that UNIFIES the US and UK · 1309 days ago
Jack Dorsey Is Gwyneth Paltrow for Silicon Valley
nytimes · 1314 days ago
Diversity, Equity & Inclusion - Code for America
codeforamerica · 1316 days ago
Aileen Lee: The 100 Most Influential People of 2019
time · 1329 days ago
TIME | Current & Breaking News | National & World Updates
time · 2097 days ago
A Math Teacher's Life Summed Up By The Gifted Students He Mentored
npr · 1331 days ago
Breaking Down the Secrets and Speculation of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker's Spectacular First Trailer
io9.gizmodo · 1334 days ago
The White House is using fuzzy math to justify net neutrality veto
theverge · 1336 days ago
I Embraced Screen Time With My Daughter—and I Love It
wired · 1361 days ago
The FCC Has Fined Robocallers $208 Million. It’s Collected $6,790.
wsj · 1349 days ago
LinkedIn reveals recruiters are less likely to click on a woman’s profile when headhunting
fastcompany · 1361 days ago
Joi Ito of MIT Discusses Complex Moral Issues in New Tech
pbs · 1364 days ago
Trump Ordered Officials to Give Jared Kushner a Security Clearance
nytimes · 1377 days ago
Stay Tuned Show Notes 02/28: Cohen Testimony & Just Mercy (with Bryan Stevenson)
cafe · 1377 days ago
Spectre: Smart Long Exposures · 1377 days ago
Algorithmic Justice Could Clear 250,000 Convictions in California
artificiallawyer · 1378 days ago
Why Californians need food assistance
snapstories.codeforamerica · 1383 days ago
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