Jeff Richards
The Great Unknown - Fabrice Grinda
fabricegrinda · 829 days ago
WSJ News Exclusive | Aravt Global Shutting Down as Hedge Funds Get Hit by Unraveling of โ€˜Growth Tradeโ€™
wsj · 829 days ago
Apple's rise to $3 trillion market cap shows the value of its massive share buybacks
cnbc · 830 days ago
Amazon announces 20-for-1 stock split, $10 billion buyback
cnbc · 830 days ago
20 Sales: The Stripe Sales Playbook; Who Should Create It, When Should it Be Done, Where Do Many Go Wrong | How To Identify 10x Sales Hires and How To Structure the Hiring Process in Sales with Jeanne DeWitt Grosser, Head of Americas Revenue & Growth @ Stripe - 20VC
thetwentyminutevc · 831 days ago
GGV Capital
youtube · 831 days ago
Thousands of New Tech Jobs Spring Up Far From Silicon Valley
wsj · 831 days ago
โ€ŽSway: Will Putin's Information Iron Curtain Backfire? on Apple Podcasts · 831 days ago
โ€ŽInvest Like the Best with Patrick O'Shaughnessy: Garry Tan - Unwrapping the Gift on Apple Podcasts · 832 days ago
Making sense of why executives are eager to get employees back in the office
cnbc · 832 days ago
Biden urges return to office · 832 days ago
Just how wrong were those SPAC projections? โ€“ TechCrunch
techcrunch · 838 days ago
Ford Creates Electric-Vehicle, Gas-Engine Divisions in Company Reshape
wsj · 838 days ago
airbnb · 1288 days ago
SPAC Startups Made Lofty Promises. They Arenโ€™t Working Out.
wsj · 842 days ago
Kids-Last COVID Policy Makes No Sense
theatlantic · 847 days ago
See LeBron James in electric Hummer adโ€”with a bunch of crabs
adage · 847 days ago
Grateful Grads 2018 - Colleges With The Happiest, Most Successful Alumni
forbes · 848 days ago
Opinion | How Government Spending Fuels Inflation
wsj · 849 days ago
At one point, Amazon lost more than 90% of its value. But long-term investors still got rich
cnbc · 850 days ago
BoFA investor survey: Biggest tech underweight position since Aug 2006
reuters · 852 days ago
Thereโ€™s a Portrait of Jamie Dimon Hangingย in JPMorganโ€™s Metaverse Lounge
bloomberg · 853 days ago
Electric Defender | Land Rover Defender Electric by ECD
ecdautodesign · 854 days ago
โ€ŽThe Ezra Klein Show: What the Heck Is Going on With the U.S. Economy? on Apple Podcasts · 857 days ago
โ€ŽThe Daily: A Movement to Fight Misinformation... With Misinformation on Apple Podcasts · 859 days ago
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Opinion | Biden Says No Union, No Contract
wsj · 858 days ago
What Will Build Back Better Mean for Inflation?
crfb · 858 days ago
Doximity Announces Fiscal 2022 Third Quarter Financial Results · 859 days ago
President Joe Biden finally says the word 'Tesla'
teslarati · 860 days ago
Ownership and the American Dream · 860 days ago
โ€ŽThe Daily: Did Democrats Make Inflation Worse? on Apple Podcasts · 863 days ago
U.S. Jobs Growth Surged by 467,000 in January as Economy Weathered Omicron
wsj · 864 days ago
San Francisco's fentanyl crisis: A disaster in plain sight
sfchronicle · 865 days ago
Woodside freezes SB 9 projects, citing an exemption for mountain lion habitats
almanacnews · 865 days ago
ACH Payments Processing - Online Business Bill Payments Solution |
bill · 2561 days ago
2015-2020 was a boring time to build startups
joefernandez.substack · 874 days ago
John Arrillaga, 1937โ€“2022
medium · 874 days ago
Asana CEO Moskovitz is buying the dip in his software company's stock during a roller-coaster year
cnbc · 874 days ago
Convertible-Bond Sales Are Soaring in 2021โ€”Often at 0% Interest
wsj · 877 days ago
โ€ŽInvest Like the Best with Patrick O'Shaughnessy: Orlando Bravo - The Art of Software Buyouts on Apple Podcasts · 878 days ago
WSJ News Exclusive | Wildfire Risk in California Drives Insurers to Pull Policies for Pricey Homes
wsj · 878 days ago
General Catalyst's Secret CEO · 879 days ago
Opinion | Iowaโ€™s Bold Tax Reform
wsj · 879 days ago
Handshake Takes Aim At LinkedIn With $200 Million Fundraise
forbes · 880 days ago
โ€ŽThe Daily: A Last-Gasp Push on Voting Rights on Apple Podcasts · 880 days ago
Ford records $8.2 bln fourth-quarter gain from Rivian investment
reuters · 880 days ago
Opinion | Washington Cashes In on Inflation
wsj · 881 days ago
Emilie Choi explains what Wall Street doesnโ€™t understand about Coinbase
theblockcrypto · 884 days ago
How the cost of rapid COVID tests in the U.S. stacks up against other countries
axios · 886 days ago
Tony Xu Joins Meta Board of Directors | Meta
about.fb · 887 days ago
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