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In Denver speech, Michelle Obama urges women to seize their power while not hiding their scars
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Watch a Test of Anti-Drone Weapons, From Shotguns to Superdrones
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Inside Trump’s snap decision to ban transgender troops
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Trump Administration to Bar Transgender Individuals From Serving in U.S. Military
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Davos: Rich 'should intervene' in politics - financier - BBC News
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111 N.F.L. Brains. All But One Had C.T.E.
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How the coffee-machine took down a factories control room β€’ r/talesfromtechsupport
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Tanzania Hands Mining Company $190 Billion Tax Bill
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Ireland Seeks Custodian for Apple Cash as Collection Nears
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How to make $100,000 a month in China, live-streaming your life
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Ten Principles for Growth as an Engineer – Dan Heller – Medium
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Japan's foreign workers want faster promotions, pay raises- Nikkei Asian Review
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Why adoption plays such a big, contentious role in US-Russia relations
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Building a 50 Teraflops AMD Vega Deep Learning Box for Under $3K
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Liam Fox demands meeting with BBC over 'negative' Brexit stories
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Lyme disease is set to explode and we still don’t have a vaccine
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One Family, Many Revolutions: From Black Panthers, to Silicon Valley, to Trump
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Global confidence plummets that POTUS will "do the right thing"
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Senior Service Designer · 2323 days ago
$30 Million: Ether Reported Stolen Due to Parity Wallet Breach - CoinDesk
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Minneapolis Police Chief Forced Out After Fatal Shooting of Australian Woman
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China forces its Muslim minority to install spyware on their phones
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Is This the Woman Who Will Save Uber?
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Sean Spicer Resigns as White House Press Secretary
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Sean Spicer Faced Myriad Obstacles During Dramatic White House Rise and Fall
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As Cyberattacks Destabilize the World, the State Department Turns a Blind Eye
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Y Combinator raising $1 billion for new fund
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