Zal Bilimoria
No need to wear a mask? Experts urge health authorities to rethink mask policy
inkstonenews · 1451 days ago
Iran has let its covid-19 outbreak get out of hand
economist · 1452 days ago
Tests indicate coronavirus can survive in the air
thehill · 1453 days ago
Market Meltdowns - AVC
avc · 1456 days ago
CDC to cut by 80 percent efforts to prevent global disease outbreak
washingtonpost · 1457 days ago
One slide in a leaked presentation for US hospitals reveals that they're preparing for millions of hospitalizations as the outbreak unfolds
businessinsider · 1459 days ago
YC W20 Online Demo Day
blog.ycombinator · 1459 days ago
Trace Genomics Acquires Soil Processing Assets to Open Iowa Laboratory, Puts Down Midwestern Roots
businesswire · 1459 days ago
Culture Biosciences raises $15M in Series A funding round - MedCity News
medcitynews · 1461 days ago
Pete Buttigieg Drops Out of Democratic Presidential Race
nytimes · 1463 days ago
Perspective | I have the coronavirus. So far, it isn’t that bad.
washingtonpost · 1465 days ago
So Wrong That Trump Is Blocking the Gate to Coronavirus Info, Says Ethicist
medscape · 1466 days ago
LeBron has no chill cheering on Draymond's ejection - ESPN Video
espn · 1467 days ago
Videoconferencing's Moment - AVC
avc · 1470 days ago
Buttigieg: If Trump refuses to leave White House, he can 'do chores'
thehill · 1477 days ago
Klobuchar, Steyer unable to name Mexico's president in pointed interview
thehill · 1478 days ago
Zion, Young starstruck by Obama at NBA event
espn · 1480 days ago
Exclusive: Satellite Internet startup Astranis raises $90 million
fortune · 1481 days ago
The Zoom Room - AVC
avc · 1488 days ago
36-Year-Old Man Is Youngest to Die in China Coronavirus Outbreak
time · 1495 days ago
Caltech wins a $1.1-billion patent verdict against Apple and Broadcom
latimes · 1495 days ago
First case of coronavirus spread by a person showing no symptoms - STAT
statnews · 1495 days ago
WHO declares coronavirus outbreak a global health emergency - STAT
statnews · 1495 days ago
Laurent Duvernay-Tardif: The 1st medical doctor playing in the NFL is in Super Bowl LIV
edition.cnn · 1497 days ago
The FDA unveils a new regulatory framework to speed along gene therapies, rewarding the leading players
endpts · 1497 days ago
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Kobe Bryant Dead, Dies in Helicopter Crash
tmz · 1499 days ago
Clover Health registered an impressive membership growth in 2019
healthcareweekly · 1500 days ago
Yeast of Eden — Why Genetically Modified Yeast Could Be the Next Step in Beer’s Evolution — Good Beer Hunting
goodbeerhunting · 1506 days ago
The 40% Rule - AVC
avc · 1515 days ago
You Don’t Have to Sweat to Work Out · 1516 days ago
I'm outing a new billionaire - the biggest angel score in Canadian history
opmwars.substack · 1518 days ago
Caffeine, but not other phytochemicals, in mate tea (Ilex paraguariensis St. Hilaire) attenuates high-fat-high-sucrose-diet-driven lipogenesis and body fat accumulation
sciencedirect · 1522 days ago
Celevity is hiring its first employee!
medium · 1523 days ago
FDA officially raises tobacco buying age to 21
thehill · 1529 days ago
Senior Product Manager at Brave Care · 1533 days ago
WATCH: Carnival Cruises Collide In Attempt To Dock Off Mexico
npr · 1536 days ago
Pelosi threatens to delay Trump impeachment trial in bid to pressure McConnell
cnbc · 1538 days ago
Kristina Shen - Andreessen Horowitz
a16z · 1540 days ago
Kelly leads McSally in Arizona Senate race: poll
thehill · 1545 days ago
Patriots' home streak ends at 21 as rally falls shy
espn · 1548 days ago
Kin Dream Light has the benefits of booze, without the hangover · 1550 days ago
Our Series A Investment In Uniform Teeth: The Orthodontist In Your Pocket
medium · 1551 days ago
A letter from Larry and Sergey · 1553 days ago
David, Michael, and John: The Ten Most Common First Names For VC Partners In The U.S.
news.crunchbase · 1559 days ago
Celtics star Jayson Tatum saves 100% of his $7.8 million NBA salary
cnbc · 1560 days ago
Tesla Cybertruck - A futuristic electric pickup truck from Tesla ⚡️ | Product Hunt
producthunt · 1564 days ago
Start A Fire
startafire · 2472 days ago
Saudi Arabia is 'gradually running out of money' and needs IPO to fund reforms, ex-CIA chief says
cnbc · 1569 days ago
Inside The Buttigieg Moment
fivethirtyeight · 1570 days ago
I Want to Talk About My Son Brooks | By Rich Hill
theplayerstribune · 1574 days ago
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