Shervin Pishevar
After coronavirus, the U.S. will ‘never return to free-market capitalism as we knew it,’ says Guggenheim’s Minerd
marketwatch · 538 days ago
Dr. Anthony Fauci warns US could 'be in for a bad fall' if coronavirus treatments don't work
cnbc · 543 days ago
Fauci calls for at least doubling virus testing before reopening country
politico · 545 days ago
32 Days on a Ventilator: One Covid Patient’s Fight to Breathe Again
nytimes · 545 days ago
In four U.S. state prisons, nearly 3,300 inmates test positive for coronavirus -- 96% without symptoms
reuters · 546 days ago
Face Shields for The Frontline
charity.gofundme · 546 days ago
Kanye West Is Now Officially A Billionaire - And He Really Wants The World To Know
forbes · 546 days ago
My Restaurant Was My Life for 20 Years. Does the World Need It Anymore?
nytimes · 547 days ago
DraftKings Officially Goes Public: Shares Open at $17.81
actionnetwork · 547 days ago
The Burn Multiple
medium · 548 days ago
Virus Outbreak
apnews · 591 days ago
2001-- A Space Odyssey (HD) -- Best Scene with Hal and Dave -- 'Hal open the pod bay doors'
youtube · 548 days ago
The construction of modern Britain – in pictures
theguardian · 551 days ago
Our New World
bondcap · 551 days ago
16-year-old Iranian shocks chess world no.1 Magnus Carlsen to win $14,000 prize
edition.cnn · 552 days ago
IT'S TIME TO BUILD - Andreessen Horowitz
a16z · 553 days ago
5 Ways Smart People Sabotage Their Success
hbr · 554 days ago
Garcetti: Sporting events, concerts unlikely in Los Angeles until 2021
politico · 556 days ago
Fauci: Sports return quickly only if fans prohibited
espn · 556 days ago
Glutted Oil Markets’ Next Worry: Subzero Prices
wsj · 556 days ago
Ping Fu - Wikipedia
en.wikipedia · 557 days ago
I’m an E.R. Doctor in New York. None of Us Will Ever Be the Same.
nytimes · 557 days ago
Black Obsidian Tumbled
crystals · 557 days ago
Andrea Bocelli: Music For Hope - Live From Duomo di Milano
youtube · 559 days ago
How a US coronavirus 'super spreader' attended a funeral and birthday party - and infected 15 people, including 3 who died
straitstimes · 562 days ago
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Pop Culture Mondays/4.6.20
medium · 563 days ago
Coronavirus | Reuters
reuters · 563 days ago
Black Americans Face Alarming Rates of Coronavirus Infection in Some States
nytimes · 564 days ago
U.S. airlines want a $50 billion bailout. They spent $45 billion buying back their stock.
washingtonpost · 564 days ago
The Coronation | Charles Eisenstein
charleseisenstein · 565 days ago
Fed Preparing to Purchase New Small Business Payroll Loans
wsj · 565 days ago
What is in your Q?
qtheapp · 565 days ago
Coronavirus deaths are fewer in countries that mandate TB vaccine
fortune · 565 days ago
CDC says three kids have died from suspected coronavirus in US as some children get severely sick
cnbc · 565 days ago
crystals · 567 days ago
Hand Shaking Is So Medieval. Let's End It. – TechCrunch
techcrunch · 632 days ago
The Lives Lost to Coronavirus
time · 568 days ago
NEW DETAILS: Georgia beaches reopening as of Friday night
ajc · 568 days ago
Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19)
ourworldindata · 596 days ago
Inside China's Smartphone 'Health Code' System Ruling Post-Coronavirus Life
time · 569 days ago
U.S. Expected to Recommend Cloth Face Masks for Americans in Coronavirus Hot Spots
wsj · 569 days ago
Man uses bucket truck to visit mother on third floor of nursing home
thedenverchannel · 569 days ago
Zoom says it topped 200 million daily participants in March as CEO addresses privacy concerns
marketwatch · 569 days ago
Global Cases Approach One Million, as Economic Toll Mounts
wsj · 569 days ago
Curb Your Enthusiasm — Larry Respects Wood
youtube · 570 days ago
Silicon Valley Helping Fight the COVID-19 Pandemic
nbcbayarea · 570 days ago
No-Sew Pleated Face Mask with Handkerchief and Hair Tie
blog.japanesecreations · 570 days ago
IHME | COVID-19 Projections
covid19.healthdata · 574 days ago