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Scanwell aims to launch at-home 15-minute coronavirus test, but it still needs FDA approval – TechCrunch
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Open For Business - AVC
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Why are Korea’s Covid-19 death rates so low?
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Coronavirus (COVID-19) PSA for Startups
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Required Reading for Marketplace Entrepreneurs - Andreessen Horowitz
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What happened in crypto over the last decade
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What will happen to cryptocurrency in the 2020s
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The power of naming: 10 German Expressions that don’t exist in English and their Wisdom - Leo Widrich
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Why TIME Chose Greta Thunberg as the 2019 Person of the Year
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52 things I learned in 2019
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Shopify’s big people investment: how a startup scaled coaching beyond its executives - Version One · 126 days ago
Lessons about company building from the WeWork drama · 156 days ago
Moving Forward Boldly with Kin
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Shopify and the return of the merchant class
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Charting return multiples over time · 239 days ago
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28 ways to grow supply in a marketplace -- by Lenny Rachitsky, ex-Airbnb · 282 days ago
Toronto doesn’t want to be Silicon Valley. It’s building something better
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Nonprofits turn to cryptocurrency to help needy Venezuelans
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What exactly is a managed marketplace? · 351 days ago
Startup Celo Aims to Make Crypto Accessible to Mainstream Mobile Users
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Why there won’t be an Uber in every vertical · 629 days ago
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‘Zillow 2.0:’ Real estate giant embarks on fundamental shift, projecting home sales operation will become a $20B business
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How To Be Successful
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Fred Wilson: Be Your Own Bitch
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Zero to $1B: 8 Lessons Scaling a Startup – Jonathan Swanson – Medium
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The Year in Ethereum – Josh Stark – Medium
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Crypto Theses for 2019 – Arjun Balaji – Medium
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So you just raised your seed round, now what? · 490 days ago
Q&A with Boris Wertz, founding partner of Version One Ventures - PE Hub
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Six Rising Stars In Venture And How To Network With Them
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Continuations by Albert Wenger — A SIM Switch Account Takeover (Mine)
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Video Of The Week: Ethereum 2.0 – AVC
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Introducing Dropout Labs – Dropout Labs – Medium
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Version One Ventures raises $45M for third fund, keeps close eye on Seattle ecosystem
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Changing the narrative on distributed teams in Silicon Valley · 539 days ago
Q3 2018 Summary: Portfolio News and Activities · 548 days ago
Amazon increases minimum wage for all U.S. workers to $15 an hour
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Where to Go After Product-Market Fit: An Interview with Marc Andreessen
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Keeping Your Blinders On – AVC
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GiveCrypto | Give cryptocurrency to people in need.
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Andreessen Horowitz has a new crypto fund — and its first female general partner is running it with Chris Dixon
techcrunch · 646 days ago
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