Adam Mosseri
New Tools to Limit Bullying and Spread Kindness on Instagram
instagram-press · 7 days ago
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Co-founders Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger announce Adam Mosseri as new Head of Instagram
instagram-press · 15 days ago
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Making Ads and Pages More Transparent | Facebook Newsroom
newsroom.fb · 193 days ago
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Hard Questions: Q&A with Mark Zuckerberg on Protecting Peopleโ€™s Information | Facebook Newsroom
newsroom.fb · 195 days ago
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Cracking Down on Platform Abuse | Facebook Newsroom
newsroom.fb · 209 days ago
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Mark Zuckerberg tells CNN he is 'happy to' testify before Congress
money.cnn · 209 days ago
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New Ads Policy: Improving Integrity and Security of Financial Product and Services Ads
facebook · 259 days ago
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News Feed FYI: Introducing Snooze to Give You More Control Of Your News Feed | Facebook Newsroom
newsroom.fb · 304 days ago
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Update on Our Advertising Transparency and Authenticity Efforts | Facebook Newsroom
newsroom.fb · 354 days ago
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Clarifying Recent Tests | Facebook Media
media.fb · 358 days ago
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Oculus Connect 4, Russian Ads and the Law, Trump and Facebook
stratechery · 369 days ago
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